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Five Days in the Magical City Of Strasbourg, France

The last year has been a good travel year for me. I visited a few wonderful places that I thought I would never see. The trip to the Amalfi Coast and Puglia was the highlight of my travels last year. This year, it is so far our trip to Strasbourg in France. Our trip to the Alsace Region was unplanned. It was in fact an almost last minute trip. It was only confirmed that J was attending a conference on a Thursday and we were to leave on a Sunday. Luckily, I already had most of the week off as I planned to go to a sunflower field on my birthday (which fell on that week). All I needed to do was ask for an extra two days off which was granted instantly.  So on a Sunday morning, we headed to St Pancras International to take the Eurostar to Paris. It was busier than I expected because we left later that morning and it was the school holidays- so plenty of children and children-at-heart with their Minnie Mouse ears headbands, excited to head to Disneyland Paris. We arrived in Pa

How I Remembered Keith On What Would Have Been His 19th Birthday

Keith would have been 19 today. And w hilst things have changed since his birthday last year, nothing has changed in the way I honour him on his special day. This is the least thing I can do for the boy who changed my life forever. As heartbroken as I am to this day, I know that he is now in a much better place; and he deserves to be celebrated for being the wonderful child that he was. This morning when I woke up, I went to his corner in the house and lit a candle. I gave his favourite toy Meow a kiss and then played his favourite song "Lighters". I have been doing this morning routine twice a year for 7 years now, and I will not get tired of doing it for my very special boy.  Then I went out for a run, listening to a whole playlist of his favourite songs. It was indeed a K Lighter Day. Wearing my white and blue top (Keith's favourite colours), I went to give blood for the 8th time in Keith's memory. As I mentioned before, Keith had haemorrhage and th