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Our Therapeutic Winter Trip To Montreal, Canada

A rather unsettling news broke in the first week of December last year. Since then,  I have not managed to live a completely normal life. All the positive things that have happened in the last two months have been overshadowed by massive disappointments and frustrations. This is the reason why I haven't written anything since the first of January.  But today, I was reminded of our trip to Canada so I decided to write about it before the winter ends. It was actually J's company trip, but I asked if I could tag along as I have never been to Canada before.  And so we flew out of Heathrow at 1300 on a Monday and arrived in Montreal at 1500 on the same day. It was already dark when we arrived at our hotel, and I was tired so I decided to stay locally whilst J went out to dinner with his colleagues.  As this trip was work for J, I was left to explore Montreal on my own. My first destination was the Old Town as recommended by J's boss. I only explored places that I could wa