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Winter (Shopping) In Milan

I have been blessed enough to see the beauty of Milan twice in two years. I must admit that it is one of the cities that I would love to visit over and over again.  The first time I went to Milan was in 2009. During that time, I was very keen on vintage shopping and so we visited a market in Navigli. The market is held every last Sunday of the month along Navigli canal. Apart from designer bags, there are also jewelries, furnitures, shoes, artworks, clothes and other stuff on display. Metro Stop : Porta Genova, Line 2 In 2011, I was still into shopping and found two shopping outlets: D Magazine Via Monte Napoleone, 26 20121 Milan, Italy 02 7600 6027 Il Salvagente Fratelli Bronzetti, 16  02 7611 0328 Metro: Porta Venezia And of course, there's Monte Napoleone: Shopping aside, here are my favourite places in Milan: Piazza del Duomo (2009) - where you get to see a lot of our kababayans.  St. Maria delle Grazie Church (2009

Royce Chocolates

I first found out about Royce Chocolates  when my friend K brought me some from the Philippines more than a year ago. And ever since, it has become my favourite. I'm so sorry Crunch, but Royce Nuttty Bar Chocolate is a lot better than you. And maybe, it's also healthier. It's a Japanese chocolate after all. But then again this is just my own justification from eating three bars in one go.  When I went home in January, my friend Joy bought me some. They were about P1,500 for a box of 18, I think. It's not too bad for a luscious chocolate. And yes, it looks really posh- how it's wrapped and everything.  This is the Nutty Bar Chocolate which is my favourite.  It is crunchy, nutty (as it says) and not very sweet. This is why I like it very much. (photo from their website) Another Royce chocolate that I love is the Amande. Actually, my friend K is my biggest (junk) food influence. She has introduced me to most of the (junk) foods that I eat nowadays

My Marni for H&M Wish List

Since purchase is limited to only one item per person, I am planning to stay awake until midnight on Wednesday just to get online and hope to beat all the shopaholics out there. Oxford Circus is not an option for me at the moment as I can imagine the chaos that this collection will cause. I just hope that I will be lucky enough to purchase one, just one - I promise! Here's what's on my shorlist: £59.99 £59.99 £19.99 £79.99 £69.99 I am torn between the first dress and the coat. Arrghhhh, why can't you buy more than one? I bet you after Friday, some of these will be up on ebay for double the price!!!! If you were only given one choice, what would you buy? tintin x

My Love for ARANAZ Bags

Okay, not that I have a lot. So far, I only have three. But I undeniably want more. I have always loved Aranaz bags, but because I am abroad, it is quite difficult for me to buy from them as they don't have an online store. Although I think they can ship internationally. Anyway, since I got hold of my first ever Aranaz bag , I couldn't get enough of it. I now ask my good friend Joy from Manila to buy me a bag every time  they go on sale. I can't really miss a good sale. I have not been personally at their boutiques. I actually went home earlier this year, but mainly for my son so I was not able to drop by Manila. But I will make sure to visit next time I go home. I also find it easier to ask for an Aranaz bag as pasalubong. Haha. I know it may not be okay for some, but one of my good friends K brought back an Aranaz clutch for me the last time she went home. So perhaps it's fine. So here are the new additions to my growing Aranaz collection: