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The Red Rocks: Where The Seals Chill Out

We came across the  Red Rocks  a few months ago when we were driving round the bays. We reached the very end of Owhiro Bay and thought that was the end of it. But I could see the coast from the carpark and realised that although it may have been the end of the road (literally), it certainly wasn't the end of an adventure. So I checked and found out that there is apparently a beautiful coastal walk from there towards the Red Rocks. Unfortunately, we were not prepared for a walk on that day so we went back in early May,  which was good timing because we were able to see some seals.    The walk was roughly two and a half hours back and forth. But this all depends on how fit you are and how many stops you make along the way to take photos. But one thing is for sure, you have to be prepared to walk. A good pair of walking shoes is required in my opinion as you will be walking on a rugged path. A layered clothing will certainly help as it is an open area and it can get rea

15 Things I Miss About London

"Do you miss London?" is the question I often get asked by the people I meet in Wellington. Believe it or not but I always find it difficult to find the right answer to that question. I know it's just a matter of yes or no but the truth is, I miss it and I don't. Perhaps it depends what aspect of London we're talking about.  Of course I miss my friends and there's no doubt about that . But I don't actually miss living in London. As much as I love the city, I feel safer and more at peace with myself in Wellington. This is the reason why London doesn't even cross my mind unless I am reminded of it. Just like the other day when I was cleaning my computer files. I saw some of my old London photos which made me suddenly miss a  few things about London.  1. Plain Scones - If there is one thing that I definitely miss about London, it's the plain scones . Unfortunately I haven't found it here. They only have savoury scones which I am not ve

20 Things I Learned About Wellington So Far

I have not been feeling motivated lately due to my disheartening journey in finding employment in Wellington. But as much as it has been absolutely demoralising, I am not going to let this unfavourable situation dominate my otherwise positive life in the city. I still believe that every negative thing that happens in our life is a lesson learned. Besides, I knew so little (if not nothing at all) about Wellington before I came here, so I thought that this is another opportunity for me to learn more about this wonderful, wonderful place. Then came the realisation that indeed, it is now four months since I first set foot in Wellington. I had no expectations then and I still don't have any now. But in those months, the city has slowly revealed itself to me and the more I learn even the littlest thing about the "coolest little capital in the world", the more I enjoy living here. I can only speak for my personal experience in Wellington and my observations may n