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The Last Minute 3 -Day Trip To Rome

I just realised that I have not written about my trip to Rome a couple of months ago. Life took over and I just didn't have the motivation to write, although I have a list of experiences that I really want to share. But here we are now, so let me tell you about my Rome experience before I get distracted again. This was my fourth trip to Rome and I would always choose to go back given the chance. On this trip, I went with a friend who has not travelled to Italy before. I am glad that we chose Rome because this time, I saw the Pope. My friend only had The Vatican on her list to visit so planning our itinerary was easy.  I chose to stay in Cavour this time as when I was doing my research, I discovered that this area is actually close to most places that I wanted to revisit. We stayed in Nerva Accommodation Cavour which is more or less than four minutes walk from Cavour Metro Station. P laces I/we visited: 1. St Peter's Basilica As this was friend's priority, I made sure that