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Six Years Gone

If there is one story that I will never get tired of sharing, it would be that of our beloved Keith Ashley.  It's now been six years since we lost our angel . The pain has eased a great deal, but I guess it will never completely go away. Everyday, I think of him like he never left. But as soon as reality sets in, my heart aches all over again. In the last five years, I have been doing little things to remember Keith, and this year is no different. Ten days ago, I donated blood for the 4th time in the last three years to honour Keith. During the time that he needed to be transfused, there was no blood readily available in the private hospital that he was confined in, nor in the government hospital across the road. My family had to travel miles and miles away to buy blood. This shouldn't really happen. Blood should be available immediately when someone needs one. This is the reason why I decided to start giving blood. I wanted to help save lives in memory of my son. Y

Restaurants in London: My Experiences In 2017

Good, if not better food experience was one of the things that came up in my recent conversation with J about things that we plan to do more in 2018. There is no doubt that our love for food in general has grown in the last two years. And with that, I am glad that I now have learned how to cook better because this means that we don't really have to go out and spend money in order to enjoy delicious food.  In 2017 though, without even realising it, we dined out in some of the finest restaurants in London more than I ever did since I moved to London 5 years ago. Most of the food that we ate last year truly ignited my senses and sent me to foodgasm. 2017 gave me the opportunity to connect more with food, hence providing me with the best London dining experiences to date. 1. The Ivy - 1-5 West St, Covent Garden - A few years ago, I went to The Ivy for the first time to try their (then) famous sticky toffee pudding. After that, I went back a few more times but for different r

2017: The Highs and The Lows

Reflecting on my life in the past year made me realise that despite the challenges,  2017 was indeed a great year. I am beyond grateful that I was blessed with so much more than I prayed for (except for a baby hehe). As much as I'd like to write every single blessing that I received in 2017, it's quite impossible so here's six of them: 1. Living in Soho with J Nothing really compares to living in the very heart of London with the most amazing partner. It's been the best London experience so far and I am glad I am sharing this experience with J. I love living in Soho because I feel like I live in two different worlds. Despite our neighbouring streets being so ridiculously busy, we could still have that sense of "sub-urban life" when we are inside our top floor flat. Of course, we hear some occasional screaming at night, and the most annoying sound of revving engines but majority of the time, it's peaceful and quiet.  I also love the fact that we are