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The Unforgettable Boat Ride Around Capri Island

I never dreamed that one day, I will be cruising around Capri island in Italy onboard a 40 feet private boat. But just like what I said before, even the things you never dreamed of will come true if you follow your heart. And so in August, I followed my heart and went to Italy for a week with two of the most important people in my life. I undeniably had one of the best experiences ever.  We originally planned to take the boat tour on our last day in the Amalfi Coast, which was the middle of the week. However, when I checked the weather two days before, the forecast was rain. Therefore, we decided to move our boat trip forward and cancelled the boat that we initially booked via Capri Relax Boats. From what I have learned, it is better to book a boat tour at the beginning of your holiday week so that you have more opportunity to reschedule just in case the tour gets cancelled due to bad weather.  We booked a last minute boat tour with Positano boats . The owner, Francesca was

The Charming Town of Ravello And Its Dreamy Gardens

On our second day in the Amalfi Coast, we divided our time between the bustling town of Amalfi and the sleepy town of Ravello. We spent more time in Ravello because we knew from our previous research that Amalfi is very crowded, especially because it was high season when we visited. As busy and uncomfortable as it was (because of the warm weather), we couldn't give Amalfi a miss and therefore, we spent a few hours in the morning to explore the town.  So, we hired a taxi from Praiano to Amalfi for €40. For convenience, taxi was our choice of transport during this trip. It actually saved us from the inconvenience of waiting for the SITA bus and fighting for seats, then potentially standing in the bus for the rest of our journey.  Highlights Our first stop was at the Duomo di Amalfi Sant' Andrea Apostolo (Amalfi Cathedral). With a very modest entrance fee of €3, we were treated to an amazing baroque interior, beautiful cloisters inside and out, interesting religious ar