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Thank you, Casa San Miguel!

Tomorrow is our  son's  first angelversary and I am having mixed emotions. I am very heartbroken to say the least, but at the same time I am happy because once again, our angel has made us proud. Since Keith showed interest in art at aged three, I have dreamed that one day he would have his own art exhibit. Unfortunately, he had to go home to Jesus sooner than we all expected. But that dream didn't end the day he left us because since then, I have been working hard in looking for ways on how to make that dream come true. Little did I know that Keith's former art and music school,  Casa San Miguel  would be interested in featuring some of Keith's paintings at one of their art exhibits this year. Keith attended Casa from 2009-2011. Despite traveling almost two hours every Sunday, he never complained. He always looked forward to going to Casa, so he brought his violin and his portfolio bag to church and after the service would take the bus with his Mama and his

The Year That Was 2012

Despite what I went through last year, I think I never lost that smile. January  - My life changed forever January 28, 2012 w ill remain the saddest day in my life, This was the day we lost our beautiful and talented   son , Keith Ashley. He was 11.  February  - In search of that Solace I can't remember ever feeling so depressed until the day I left my family in the Philippines. I asked so many questions and I felt like I needed to find the answers straight away. I wanted to know why God took my son. At that time, I was in desperate need of comfort. It was as if my husband, my family and my friends were not enough. A random trip, or shall I say retreat at a friend's house in Oxfordshire paved way to my recovery. After trying on several things to make me feel better, I found myself writing open letters to my son.  Honestly, this has given me more comfort than anything else. I have been writing to Keith everyday since I started this blog. Some people