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Ikot-Ikot by Sarah Geronimo

I have a confession to make. I am 37 and I am a POPSTER. I first heard of Sarah Geronimo in 2003. I was on my home to Zambales from the airport when my cousin played "To Love You More" on the car stereo and he asked me if I knew who sung the song. And because I have always been a fan of Celine Dion, I said it was her. But apparently, it was 14-year old Sarah Geronimo. I was amazed by her rendition of the song, so I became an instant fan. I don't  think I even need to elaborate on why I so love this girl. Just by looking at her pretty face and listening to her voice, you will know why. For now,  I just want to share her latest single Ikot-Ikot which has been my Last Song Syndrome (LSS) for the last two days. It's a very good anthem. And I am so glad that she's finally back in ASAP 18. Now, I have a reason to watch the show again. Naks, fan mode lang ang peg ko. tintin x

Oysters at Richard Haward's in Borough Market

I am a recently converted oyster fan. I never liked fresh oysters because they look weird and smell like the sea (obviously). But because my friends are into it, I thought I'd try and see what happens. The first time I ate oysters, I had what it felt like food poisoning. So I promised myself never to eat oysters again. But then again, some promises are meant to be broken. It's really hard to keep a promise especially if you are constantly being thrown into the same thing- just like eating oysters.  Since we discovered the oysters at Borough market two years ago, we have been going there at least every other weekend, so it was difficult for me not to give those monsters a second chance. Watching those oyster loyalists eat like it's the most delicious food on earth made me so jealous. So when I tried it again this time, I couldn't eat just one. I had four and yes, I wanted more but I didn't want to overdo it. There are two oyster stalls in Borough market, but