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Vascular Fitness Run

T he idea of the Vascular Fitness Club came about a few months ago when my Consultant and I were doing our usual morning rounds. He apparently had seen me running in the past and knew that other colleagues run too. So he said, why not put up a Vascular Fitness Club? I was hesitant at first as I am always embarrassed to run with people I am not so close to unless of course I am  doing a race (as I have no choice). Anyway, I said okay. And then he said he would make me the chairman of the club along side him, but he wanted me to basically lead it. I protested because I am normally sometimes shy and I find it difficult to ask people to join. I certainly do not have that convincing power. But then he has this way of encouraging people, so eventually I gave in.  First of all, I asked those whom I know will not say no to me. Well, there were only a few of them and most of them are my friends already. So it was not that hard. Until I thought of creating a Vascular Fitness Club group on