Vascular Fitness Run

The idea of the Vascular Fitness Club came about a few months ago when my Consultant and I were doing our usual morning rounds. He apparently had seen me running in the past and knew that other colleagues run too. So he said, why not put up a Vascular Fitness Club? I was hesitant at first as I am always embarrassed to run with people I am not so close to unless of course I am  doing a race (as I have no choice). Anyway, I said okay. And then he said he would make me the chairman of the club along side him, but he wanted me to basically lead it. I protested because I am normally sometimes shy and I find it difficult to ask people to join. I certainly do not have that convincing power. But then he has this way of encouraging people, so eventually I gave in. 

First of all, I asked those whom I know will not say no to me. Well, there were only a few of them and most of them are my friends already. So it was not that hard. Until I thought of creating a Vascular Fitness Club group on whatsapp and added my friends. It was not long until we had our first official vascular run on a Sunday. 

We would meet either on a Saturday or a Sunday(mostly Sunday) between 10-11am at Hyde Park Corner. And then we run around Hyde Park. Mr. S is in charge of the route so we basically just follow his instructions. We now also have our own tree where we stop to stretch in between. So far, we have only been doing around 5-6km. We aim to increase our distance within the next coming weeks. After our run, we would find a spot where we can do our post-run exercises to tone our muscles. Haha. It has also become a tradition to do a selfie after every run. And the most important tradition of all is coffee at the nearby Pret a Manger. This I must say is the best part of the day because we get to catch up and basically talk about anything under the sun. It is really amazing how much you learn from just listening to other people's stories. And there is always a guarantee that the people you are with will make you laugh out loud.

So, meet my Vascular Fitness Club Members:

How do you keep fit?x

tintin x


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