My Love for ARANAZ Bags

Okay, not that I have a lot. So far, I only have three. But I undeniably want more. I have always loved Aranaz bags, but because I am abroad, it is quite difficult for me to buy from them as they don't have an online store. Although I think they can ship internationally. Anyway, since I got hold of my first ever Aranaz bag, I couldn't get enough of it. I now ask my good friend Joy from Manila to buy me a bag every time  they go on sale. I can't really miss a good sale.

I have not been personally at their boutiques. I actually went home earlier this year, but mainly for my son so I was not able to drop by Manila. But I will make sure to visit next time I go home.

I also find it easier to ask for an Aranaz bag as pasalubong. Haha. I know it may not be okay for some, but one of my good friends K brought back an Aranaz clutch for me the last time she went home. So perhaps it's fine.

So here are the new additions to my growing Aranaz collection:

I guess Aranaz is good enough reason for me to give up my compulsion on buying foreign designer bags. What do you think?

tintin x


  1. they are all beautiful dear! its great that you've been to their store and you have already 3! i wish they have online store so we people abroad can buy.
    take care dear and hope everything is ok with you. xoxo

  2. Hi Meg, i have not actually been to their store, but I would love to go next time. I'm better naman na. Thank you. I hope you're okay too! Hugs to Bambino.

  3. Thanks for your support! :)


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