Ashitaba Tea From Our Garden

I am a great fan of green tea, so when my sister-in-law mentioned a tea made from an herb from our front yard, I got really curious. Apparently, she and my mother have been drinking this tea and they have felt better since (both of them have been ill previously). My sister-in-law even swears that this tea helped her lose some weight. I got even more excited when I heard this.

The herb is called Ashitaba, also known as Longevity or Tomorrow's leaf. According to webmd, this is used for hypertension, GORD, gout, constipation, fluid retention, blood clots and even cancer. This Ashitaba is widely discussed on the web and I have found multiple blogs about it too.

I was convinced that this herb works so I have been drinking it since I got home. My Ate Vicky makes the tea for me.
The Ashitaba herb in our front yard
The Ashitaba stalks
The Ashitaba stalks ready to be cooked.
We are probably only one of the few households that still uses coal to cook. According to my Inang and my Ates, coal cooks better than gas.
My Ashitaba Tea
 I drink Ashitaba tea at least three times a day, with meals normally.

I drink the tea as it is. No need to add sugar. It's not bitter at all. 

So if you are looking for an organic green tea, why not grow some Ashitaba in your garden and make your own? It's not only healthy, it's also free.

tintin x


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