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Cafe Brood's Paella, Borough Market

It is true that sometimes the best things in life are found right at your doorstep. Take paella for example. Whenever I travelled to Spain in the past, I was at a quest of finding the best paella ever. But all the time, I was left disappointed. The paellas that I had in Spain so far were either pale-looking, lacking in ingredients or the rice was half-cooked. Perhaps I didn't go to the right places for paella. But nevertheless, I found the best paella I have ever had - in where else, but Borough Market. 

Since I first had the paella at Cafe Brood in Borough Market, I never looked anywhere else. Now, everytime I crave for some good paella (which is at least once a month), I would go there. It may not even be authentic Spanish paella, but who cares? It is what I expected paella to look and taste like, so it's all good for me. Besides, you have a choice between prawn and my ever favourite Spanish chorizo. And for a reasonable price of less than 7 pounds, you'll get a very satisfying meal.

Served in a styro foam, simple yet it may well be the best paella you can ever have. :)

And then have it with Rekorderlig and you'll definitely be in heaven. Well, for me anyway.
Cafe Brood
1-6 Green Dragon Court

A plus is the fact that the majority of the staff, especially the chef are very friendly. Be prepared to queue though when you go there as it can be really long, especially in the summer. But I tell you, it's worth the wait.

tintin x


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