The Muffin Man Tea Shop, High Street Kensington

Every now and again, I crave for one of my favourite treats ever - the scones.  And since I now live in Southwest London, it has been really hard for me to find a local cafe that serves scones. Now that's a lie. Honestly, I have not made an effort because I am still going back to North London to treat myself once in a while. Although it's quite a long journey, I would still go there for the love of High Tea of Highgate's scones. The 45-minute tube ride is always worth it.

Recently though, I went back to a cafe in High Street Kensington called The Muffin Man. I have been there twice before but it's really not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of scones. But when one of my friends suggested that we meet up half way for our afternoon tea, I thought I'd take her to The Muffin Man.

One thing I like about their scones is the fact that they're toasted. I like the crunchiness of it. The only thing is, I always miss cutting the scones into half. That is one of my favourite things.

Anyway, so I only remember to take photos after we have started eating. My friend ordered the Muffin Man Tea for £6.50, while I ordered my usual Devon Cream Tea for £6.10. Basically for less than £15, you get two English muffins, two scones, a cake and two pots of tea. I would say that it's really, really cheap. And you will not be disappointed because the food tastes very good.

All for less than £15 (pots of tea not in photo)

The smell of omelette from the other table was very tempting. We couldn't resist so we ordered one to share. 

They have other selections of cakes and pastries, and they have gluten-free too. 

All in all, this is a very good place for afternoon tea. If you are looking for a posh but not expensive tea shop, this is the place for you.
12 Wrights Lane
W8 6TA

tintin x


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