Cafe by the Ruins, Baguio City

I finally decided to take a break from writing my assignment and reminisce instead. Yes I am missing home and since it is summer time in the Philippines, I am sure that people are now looking for some places where they can relax, enjoy some good food and simply have fun. Well, Baguio city is always a popular place to visit in the summer because of its cold weather. I should know because I lived there for 5 years when I was in university, although I never went back until  this January. That was more than ten years. Gosh.

I don't know but tonight something reminded me of that day when I randomly asked my family if we could go on a day trip to Baguio just because I wanted to try a restaurant called Cafe by the Ruins. Now, Baguio is nowhere near where we live. Travel time is normally around 6 hours, but because of the express way, it only took us 4 hours this time. The only annoying thing about the whole trip was the expensive toll charges, like in every town. I suppose it was worth it because we actually saved four hours journey back and forth, but still.

Anyway, I first heard of this restaurant a couple of years ago from someone famous. And yes, I am shallow that way. I am that kind of person who is willing to try something new just because someone famous said so. And why not, right?

So, we arrived in Baguio and got lost looking for the restaurant. Unfortunately, none of my family members have been to Baguio for a long time so we were all quite surprised by how much the city has changed. The restaurant, although located by the main road, was hard to find. The signage was quite small so it was not noticeable. Besides, from the road, the restaurant looked residential. 

We got there just about opening time, so the restaurant was not busy. We were greeted by the smell of freshly baked breads and smiling waiters. The restaurant was very cosy. The wooden furniture gave it a little bit of a classic feel. 

The food I must admit was quite expensive but it was  worth it. Perhaps because I really have not had this sort of breakfast before. 

My Aunt ordered some Moroccan mint tea to begin with. 
Php 85.00

One of the reasons why I wanted to try the restaurant was because of their Bibingcakes. I couldn't get enough of them. They're basically rice cakes with some salted eggs, topped with grated coconut and some sort of brown sugar.
Php 100

I wanted to try their famous Kesong puti and Basil bread, but they didn't have it at that time. So I opted for their Pan Con Chocolat instead, which was also good.
Php 95

My cousin ordered their Ensaymada. It was delicious, I tell you.
Php 90

For the main breakfast, we ordered mostly eggs with their famous Sagada rice. I don't exactly know how the Sagada rice was cooked but it was the most delicious rice I have tasted so far. I mean, yes sorry Jollibee garlic rice.
From Php 280-340

If only we had more time, I would have gone back for more at lunchtime. But at least I have another reason to go back next time. My family and I had a pleasurable experience at the restaurant. We actually stayed there for quite a long time. The waiters were very patient and accommodating. 

 25 Shuntug Road
Baguio 2600
+63 744424010

So then, if you decide to visit Baguio this summer, try and have breakfast or lunch at Cafe by the Ruins. It will be worth it.

tintin x


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