A Day in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of those places that I have always wanted to visit but never got the chance. But sometime in June (thanks to J), I finally visited Cambridge. Unfortunately, we left London quite late so we only managed to do a couple of things: The Backs and Trinity College. I guess if you only have two hours to spend in a beautiful city, you have to get your priorities right. And I mean- an obligatory wall shot. :)

I went to Cambridge with a mission to take more photos of the place (rather than myself) as I recently found a passion in photography (naks). And The Backs was absolutely perfect for that.

The Backs walk will always be one of my favourite walks. Beautiful sceneries, very romantic and it gives a beautiful view of the colleges and the River Cam. I just realised that I didn't actually take photos of the colleges from The Backs. I was busy looking for random things that I missed the stunning views of the colleges. Oh well.

Speaking of random things then.

Unfortunately we didn't get to Cambridge early enough to punt. At least we have a reason to go back. 

Trinity college was closed to the public that time as some students were taking exams. But because J is an alumnus, we were granted entry much to my delight.

Ha, I can't remember how long we spent taking photos at this spot. I was doing some sun dance on the grass when an old man came out of the door and saw me. He screamed at me saying, "Keep off the grass". That was really an embarrassing experience but hey, I was having fun.

Although I was only in Cambridge for three hours, it's one of the best experiences I've had. I am thankful to J for showing me around. He made my first trip to Cambridge extra special.

tintin x


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