40 Before 40: Go Karting

My first driving lesson when I was about 20 years old was an utter failure. I deemed myself unsafe to drive for the main reason that I closed my eyes whenever I saw a bigger vehicle coming. Not to mention that I hit a pole on my very first day of driving. I have not attempted to drive since then because I am quite scared. I think I have guts in most things but not in driving (or swimming).

Somehow I had go karting in mind when I was making my 40 before 40 list knowing that I don't drive. But because I have tried bump cars before, I assumed that they are quite the same (although obviously not). So I gave it a go anyway.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, they were taken using my iphone 4s (yes, I know) and the place was a bit dark.

Anyway, I liked the racing outfit although it was a bit too big for me. I looked like I knew what I was doing. :)

I must admit I was a bit nervous when I got on the kart. I normally do not pay much attention to briefings, but this time I made sure that my attention was with the instructor 100%. Although I was familiar with the parts of the kart, I was still unsure whether or not I could use them properly. But perhaps I underestimated myself because as soon as the lady said we could go, I drove off almost like a pro (I wish). 

I don't think I have been on a race track before actually.  Although I knew that it might be full of twists and turns, I was not expecting inclines. It was really tricky as there were sharp turns on the incline, so I was pretty scared. I must have uttered "oh my God" and "shucks" more than a hundred times. I almost lost control a few times especially going down. I'm not sure if it was allowed but I screamed a lot. I don't think they could hear anyway because of the noise from the engines. 

To be honest I am not a competitive person. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but when I went on the track I was not expecting to win at all. I just didn't want to crash and hurt myself.
I came last but it didn't matter. I had fun and I was with a good company. That's all that matters.

 Teamsport London
Tower Bridge Business Complex
 100 Clements Rd
 London SE16 4DG

+44 844 998 0000

tintin x


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