The People I've Met in Wellington So Far

After ten weeks of "making an island of myself" and enjoying solitude like a well-deserved holiday, I finally gave in to face to face socialization. What was a matter of choice suddenly became a necessity, as socialising is apparently healthy for me and my relationship with J no matter how happy I am in my own company- an advice I received from someone I barely know. So my plan of becoming "Billy No Mates" for longer was cut short as the universe once again has made its own way for me to meet other people and potentially make new friends. 

On Monday, a lady from my gym class approached me and said, "we should go for coffee". As she has been inviting me over to her house for a cup of tea in the last six weeks, I couldn't say no to this one as I really didn't have any excuse not to go. And so we went to a nearby cafe in our sweaty gym clothes. I like J because she says what she thinks and she is quite funny. We talked about my life before Wellington and a bit about her family too. We also discussed random topics such as the proposal to change the New Zealand flag which was quite interesting. It was indeed a good conversation, however J could not stay long as she had to take her dogs for a drive. She however invited me again for a cuppa at her house next week. I really would like to get to know her better because she is a nice lady. Besides, I can't probably go wrong with someone who plays the violin. :)

On Thursday, I went for my induction at a company where I am going to volunteer. There I met I, a lady I briefly met a week ago when I went for my interview. This time, I got the chance to meet her properly  and we hit it off straight away to say the least. I wasn't expecting to be still sitting in their conference room an hour after my induction talking about myself and err, my life. I has a strong personality but not intimidating unlike the ones I've met before. Talking to her was like having a heart to heart talk with an old friend. It was more like catching up on each other's lives rather than getting to know each other. It was a very mature and honest conversation. I think we bonded over our past, our strengths, our positive outlook in life and our common goal. I left the office that day feeling empowered. I hope that I could hang out with I outside work because I like her personality. And that hug that she gave me when I left? Priceless.

On the same day,  I received a text from H, a lady I met in February. Basically, I met H through an advertisement she posted in New World Supermarket. She was looking for a running buddy at that time so I "applied" for it and got the job! We have only been on one run since (haha) but we have been regularly texting each other - mostly debating if we should go for a run in this and that weather. So this Thursday, she asked me if I wanted to have coffee with her and meet her friend H. I was hesitant at first as I was coming from Miramar but I'm glad I went because I had so much fun. 

I like H (my running buddy) because since that first run, she has been making an effort to make sure that I am okay. She has also been giving me tips on job hunting. She is smart and very sociable. And she is funny too. 

H (her friend) on the other hand is the bubbliest person I've ever met. I can't even describe how funny she is. I've honestly not met anyone like her. 

So being in the middle of two Hs that day was really amazing. Not only that they made me laugh out loud but also gave me some important insights. The fact that they genuinely want to help me find a job and enjoy my stay in Wellington is one thing that I am grateful for. They both gave me the motivation and the confidence that I need to get through the painful journey of finding a job in Wellington. One of my favourite parts of the whole fun-filled conversation was when I was telling them about my ultimate career goal and bubbly H blurted out, "CEO!! I can see you as a CEO of a company of some sort".  I was in complete disbelief that someone would even think about me that way. I laughed out loud and then I  carried on talking without realising that she was already drafting a "career plan" for me. 

That was the funniest thing ever. And when I hit moments of insecurities, they both gave me the reassurance that it's better to patiently wait for the right job than rush into something that's not worthwhile in the end. Besides according to bubbly H, I'm only "39 and alive" so nothing can be better than that so I might as well just enjoy life for now until the right job comes along. And I think she's right.

Both Hs are very academic. They are actually both in university at the moment finishing some papers. Both are also in media and entertainment which makes everything more interesting. My running buddy H is currently producing a tv show while bubbly H is about to start a radio program soon. Bubbly H  is actually interested in finding out more about my upcoming volunteer job and mentioned about guesting on her radio show, so watch this space. Haha.

We spent 3 hours and a half at a cafe laughing out loud and drinking bottomless sparkling water. I didn't even realise that I didn't look at my phone the entire time. I will always treasure those three hours because these days, it's really very seldom to meet people who can actually make you forget about your phone. 

So, I guess giving in to the "call of human nature" to socialize was well worth it because I met some very nice and interesting people. I'm glad that the first people I met seem to be the "right" people and the people I probably  need in Wellington.

I am looking forward to more coffee bondings with these ladies. 

tintin x


  1. Your writing has really improved. "'s seldom to meet people who can actually make you forget about your phone." That's a pretty poignant statement. You should have a picture or graphic with that statement in the middle of your blog so the readers are baited in more to your story. The picture you framed was vivid. It had great flow and you brought out the value of each character on their own and relative to you. I'm quite impressed and look forward to reading more. Good luck in the job hunt.


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