Lutong Pinoy in Earl's Court

Once in a while, I crave for delicious Filipino foods. In the last two months though, I have been going (quite often) to this Filipino restaurant in Earl's Court called Lutong Pinoy. I have brought most of my friends at the restaurant and so far all of them liked the food, the place and the people. In London, it's not easy to find a restaurant where it feels like home. Somehow this place has given me comfort, as much as the food. So really, what else can I ask for?

If you don't know me well, you will probably be disgusted to know that I am a fan of unhealthy foods. Yes, it is true. When I eat pork, it always have to have the fat with it, otherwise it will not be the same and I will be moaning. As with chicken, the skin must be left on for me to enjoy it.

So, what sort of Filipino foods do I eat nowadays?

Well, what's the better way to start my comfort food indulgence than with a bowl of "chicharong bulaklak"? This I tell you is my ultimate favourite starter. I know it's a heart attack on a plate because it's so fatty, but I don't think it's that bad if you only have it once in a while. But the truth is, it is so crunchy and yummy that I can't resist it! Oh, don't forget to dip it in vinegar with some chilli.

Another starter that I really, really like is the lumpiang shanghai. 

And then on to the main course. I have always ordered steamed rice for lunch or dinner because I have always believed that garlic fried rice should only be eaten at breakfast with eggs and hotdogs. However, two months ago someone ordered the garlic rice for dinner and since then I have been ordering the same. Can I just say that Lutong Pinoy's garlic fried rice is second to the best that I have had so far (Jollibee being the first). So, this is a must.

I am not really a fan of pancit that much, especially pancit canton (unless of course it's Lucky Me). But one day, I was craving pancit so bad that I had to drag one of my friends to go back to the restaurant just so I could satisfy my cravings. I am not sure if pancit canton is meant to be a little wet, but I didn't quite like the fact that I was almost eating noodle soup. But it was still flavourful.

 Almost a compulsary main course, laing is very seldom forgotten. 

The last time I was at the restaurant, I was with my friend Katie. It was her first time to eat Filipino food. And because I wanted her to remember her first ever Pinoy food experience in a good way, I played safe. I mean who can ever go wrong with Adobo? She chose the chicken adobo and it didn't disappoint her. 

And now, my favourite barbecue ever - the Pinoy barbecue. I didn't even realize that they have barbecue at the restaurant until we had a party over there in December and one of the guys made three or even four orders of it because he was amazed how delicious it was. This is another must at Lutong Pinoy.

The longanisa has always been my favourite. So imagine how excited I was when I found out that it is actually served all day. Heaven.

As for dessert, I either have the turon with ice cream or leche flan. And recently, halo-halo! Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of my dessert. 

So if you're in London, and would like to try a bit of Filipino food, this is the place to be:

Lutong Pinoy
10 Kenway Road
Earl's Court, London
Tube: Earl's Court

I know there are other Filipino restaurants out there, but so far this is where I feel at home the most and the prices are reasonable.

tintin x


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