London's Best Kept (Breakfast) Secret!

If I happen to be in London especially on a weekend, I normally have my favourite longsiloglog (because I always have two eggs) at a Pinoy restaurant in Earl's Court. Either that, or I get my usual double sausage and egg Mc Muffin and pancakes at where else, of course Mc Donald's.  But when my friend Mila took me to the The Breakfast Club in Angel  last week, I think I may have found a new breakfast hang-out. So on Monday, I went there again, this time at their Soho branch.

We got there just after 8am, so the place was very quiet. We were greeted by a guy who looked like he just got out of bed and couldn't be bothered to go to work. He could be forgiven because it was early Monday morning. It's just a shame though because the place although rather small, had a very welcoming ambiance. So the experience would have been better if the staff was more accommodating. Anyhow, I would probably still go back for the food and the place, but not necessarily the staff.
This is what you see as you go in. A very cosy place. I guess we went there at the best time as there was not so many people. Apparently during weekends and towards the day, it gets really busy and you may need to queue.

Their wall is plastered with photos of people who have been at the cafe, some personal letters and notes from all over the world. Sweet.

Salt, pepper and your favourite sauces! And don't forget to drop a penny or two in the piggy bank!=)

I saw this first when my friend and I had lunch at the Angel branch. I thought it looked weird. So I tried it this time and it was not that bad. It's a smoothie called "Green is Good"- spinach, mint, mango and apple. It's worth a try at 3 pounds and 90 pence. 

And yes, take advantage of the free wi-fi, although the connection was very slow.
I have a bad habit of ordering the same food over and over again. The first time I ordered The All American, and last time I ordered the same again. The eggs normally look more beautiful than that, but because I asked for a well-cooked eggs, it turned out ugly. I love their bacon as it is crunchy and not too oily. The sausage was good as well. And their pancakes? Uhmmm, not sure this time. It tasted like it was not mixed very well. I could taste the baking soda. It left a bitter taste in the mouth. And if you look at it, it's burnt and looks like it may have been fried on the same frying pan as the eggs, the bacon and the sausage. I'm not sure but what do you think?

Anyway, as I said I would go back again, but perhaps I'd go back to Angel instead. But the one in Soho is easier to find, especially for someone like me who has no sense of direction at all. We got off the Tottenham Court Road tube station then walked towards Oxford Street. Then we turned left at Wardour Street until we hit the D'Arblay Street and it's there. You will not miss it as it is, as you can see -yellow!

The Breakfast Club
33 D'Arblay Street
Westminster, London W1F 8

How about you, do you have a favourite hang out for breakfast?

tintin x


  1. dear! this is great tip!
    first, may pinoy store pala dyn??? woww..
    second, i wish matuloy kami next year so you can tour us.. if not there will be always some time to get together :)
    third, though we're not used to eat this kind of huge breakfast i bet we would love it!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  2. maraming pinoy stores and restaurants dito meg! sana matuloy kayo so I can show you around!x

  3. Awesome!!! I loove lovvve Breakfast Club! =)

  4. We have a lot of places to eat in when we move leng!x

  5. Hy!i like so much this pictures and your blog! i'm your follower by now!
    Pass to me and if you like my small project, you can became my follower.. for me will be an honor!

    I'm waiting you!

    All the best

  6. Hi Valentina,

    Thank you for visiting my site. I have visited yours and it's cool! I have included your site in my daily read! x


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