My Month-Long Celebration For My 46th Birthday

Over a month later, I am writing about how I celebrated my 46th birthday because after all, it was my first month-long birthday celebration since 2019. I managed to keep some traditions this year, however I was not able to celebrate with my friend Pearl and didn't dine alone because life took over. Regardless though, I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday month and started my journey to 47 (and many years to come) with a hopeful heart and a positive mindset. 

My birthday month celebration kicked off with a much needed date with Ethan. I have not seen this boy since last year and it was very nice to spend some time with him, although it was palpable that sooner or later, he will no longer go on a date with me and his Mum. He is growing very fast and will be a teenager soon that's why I am making the most out of it whilst he still can put up with his Tita Cristine. And what was a better place to have our date than his favourite Shake Shack?

A few days before my birthday, my Ate Nonia and I went for a Hammam Spa at Crystal Palace in Marylebone. It was our first ever Hammam experience and we both absolutely enjoyed it. This unique experience left us re-energised and rejuvinated- definitely the most unforgettable massage experience I've ever had. Essentially, we were treated to a goddess-like bathing experience. To start, we spent 15 minutes in the steam room, followed by 90-minute treatment in their Marble Wet Room. Everything was done in gentle and graceful synchronised manner, from pouring warm water over us, to the exfoliation until the soap massage. Our treatment ended with chocolate care full body mask and a cup of tea after.

On the day of my birthday, J and I had lunch at our favourite restaurant in London, The Ivy in West Street. Like always, we had the best dining experience. J kindly took a day off so we had all day to spend together. After our sumptuous lunch at The Ivy, we went to get some ice cream from Udderlicious, also in Covent Graden. Then we walked to Watch House for coffee and some carrot cake- our third dessert in like- 3 hours. We ended the day with a trip to the cinema- our first cinema date in three years. It was definitely a Happy Birthday- just the way how I wanted to spend my day and in fact, more- because the movie that we watched had very strong messages that I absolutely needed to hear at that time.

My birthday celebration certainly didn't end there. Two days after my birthday, my friend Claudia and I had lunch at one of the restaurants that I've always wanted to go to- Marcus at The Berkeley. It was a dream come true for me, and I will tell you more about this experience on a separate blog about my favourite restaurants in 2022.

Of course, my birthday tradition for a few years won't be complete without a trip to a flower field. One of my work Ates took me to a sunflower field in Esher- it's the same sunflower field that my friend Pearl and I went to last year. The sunflowers were not in full bloom yet at that time but there were enough flowers for us to pick. We also went to the lavender field that my friend Damaris and I visited in June. Then Ate took me to an eat all you can Asian restaurant- my first eat all you can experience in a very long time. It was indeed a day very well spent with one of my biggest blessings this year.

Two days before the end of my birthday month, Kuya Dennis and I had lunch at the Little Social in Mayfair. I am very grateful for him, because since I met him, he has always gone out of his way to make sure we celebrate my birthday together. After our wonderful lunch at the Little Social, we walked to one of my favourite cafes in Piccadilly area for coffee. I was very happy to have spent this day with Kuya Dennis as we had so much to talk about after not seeing each other for a few months, and Little Social and Maison Assouline were the perfect places for us to catch up and celebrate my birthday.

And what better way to cap off my long-month birthday celebration than with an Afternoon Tea with my dear friend Damaris, who would not let my birthday month pass without celebrating with her. Fresh from her holiday in Kenya, we went for an Afternoon Tea at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. It wasn't the best Afternoon Tea experience in terms of the food and the service, however if you are with Damaris, everything becomes a better experience. There is never a dull moment with her. The exchange of stories and the laughter never end. And of course, not forgetting the videos and photos that will last us both a few months. :)

This year's month-long birthday celebration was different in a lot of ways in that the people I celebrated it with, except for J, Ate Elvie and Ethan, were people who just recently became a part of my life. When I say recently, I mean from the last two years. This is actually a reaffirmation that it is not how long you've actually known a person but the connection you make that matters. I believe that these people came into my life at the stage where I needed them. Each and every single one of them has definitely helped me in one way or another, in big and small ways. And there is no doubt that they made a huge impact on my life. 

It was indeed a happy 46th birthday and I am very grateful for everyone who made it special. I felt all the love and I am blessed beyond words.

Tin x


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