My New Lunch Box

Friday, 6 April 2012

Talk about green. Remember my water bottle ? Well, I have finally found a beautiful lunch box that goes  with it perfectly. Honestly, I am getting tired of using tupperwares and those plastic containers you get when you order a chinese take away. Not only that they often times leak or spill, but they are most of the time difficult to wash especially if the food that was in it was greasy. Or maybe I was just buying the wrong containers for my lunch? Anyway, I am really glad that I have this now:

BOX APPETIT from Black and Blum London
Inside the box are two removable containers.
The cover is some kind of glass, but apparently not a glass-glass.
The green rubber around the lid is removable so it makes it easier to clean. The small round thing is a sauce dipping area.
According to Black and Blum , this lunch box is "More like a ceramic bowl."

This  is definitely a spill-proof and leak-proof lunch box. It is microwavable for just 2 minutes. And with the fork that comes with, you're surely ready to go!

Availabe at Black and Blum for £15.95 or if you're in London, you can visit their shop at :

 2.07 OXO Tower Wharf
 Bargehouse Street
London, SE1 9PH, UK

tintin x

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