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Spring in Belem, Portugal

If any of you are looking for a place to visit this spring, Belem in Portugal is also another perfect destination. It is only a few minutes tram ride from Lisbon. What we did was actually just a day trip, as our main destination on this trip was Lisbon.

To get to Belem from Lisbon, you must take Tram Number 15 by the Rossio Station which is just around the Praca da Figueira.
Padrao dos Descobrimentos ( Monument to the Discoveries)- about 20 minutes walk from the Tram stop.
The Belem Tower- few metres away from The Monument to the Discoveries
Entrance fee: 4 euros in 2010, maybe more now
Opening times are : 10AM-5PM (Oct.-April), 10AM-6:30PM (May-Sept.), Closed Mondays
Mosteiro dos Jeronimos
- a UNESCO World Heritage Site and inside lies the tomb of Vasco de Gama.
Lunch at Antiga Capsula for authentic grilled sardines and octopus.

When in Belem, you should not miss out on the best Pastel de Nata from Pasteis de Belem.

Rua de Belem, No 84 a 92
1300-085 Lisboa

tintin x


  1. Super love the Pics from Portugal ate... Comeback in Switzerland soon... ^__^... mwah!

  2. Thank you Ading! yes, we should go back to Switzerland! I shall let you know..:)

  3. this is one the country i would love to visit!!! lucky you've been there!!! and yummy food wow.. nagutom tuloy ako!!!

    take care. xx,M

  4. Oh's been few weeks since I've read blogs. I'm currently busy walking around to get some ideas and looking for new furnitures to rearrange our apartment. I wanted to email you that we're booked our flight to Lisbon for May. I so love Portugal! :)

    1. Yey! Don't forget to drop by Belem for the Pastel de Nata! Haha! I am so addicted to it! I love Portugal too! We also visited Sintra while we were there! Have fun Kriz!xxx

    2. My list is getting longer Tin! hahaha We have a complete week for Lisbon and surrounding area. We've rented a beautiful apartment somewhere in Principe Real areal. Good friends of ours stayed for 3 weeks in Lisbon last December. Kevin wants to surf. I'm so excited!

  5. @Meg: You should visit the place! from Lisbon, you can go to Belem via Tram! Hope to see you one day Meg!x


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