My winter obsession: UNIQLO heattech

I don't know why I have never heard of UNIQLO heattech before. I know there is a store called UNIQLO, but believe me, I have never ever gone inside the store even just for curiosity's sake. But thanks to my friend Leng for introducing me to it. Now I can guarantee that my winter days are going to be warmer and this is all down to a cheap, but fashionable thermal clothing. 

For the longest time, I have been layering up at least four clothings to keep myself warm in the winter.  I have been buying warmers that really didn't keep me warm (yes, it's true). Until of course I heard about this heattech thing. So about three weeks ago was my first ever visit to a UNIQLO store and I chose the one in Oxford street, just because it is quieter over there and honestly, that's the only Uniqlo store I know. As soon as I got in, I blamed myself for not even giving the store a chance. How could I possibly have missed all those beautiful clothings? I fell in love with the store straight away. I went straight up to the second floor to look for the heattech stuff and there I was, in a panic. There were quite a few ladies looking around and I was afraid that they may run out of size. I read from a blog that heattech gets sold out really quick. I was even trembling as I browse through the clothes. I wanted to buy one each of every coulour and style. Yes, that's how excited I was. But luckily, I came back to reality and realized that I really didn't need that many. So I settled with one long and one short sleeve scoop neck t-shirts and a pair of leggings. On top of this, I bought a T dot long sleeve online. I thought I'd try it first and see how it goes.

So I have worn both the t-shirts and I was amazed by how soft the fabric was. I don't think I have ever worn a fabric that soft in my life. It really felt good on the skin. At first I thought the weather was mild that's probably why I was warm. But then I wore it again when the weather was colder and I didn't feel as cold as I would normally be this time of the year, knowing that I was only wearing a long sleeve shirt and a blazer. Kind of my spring outfit, with heattech underneath. At that moment, I was convinced that heattech indeed works. I am looking forward to wearing it again this week now that it is officially winter in London.

Here are my UNIQLO heattech purchases so far and I am sure I will be buying more. (Photos from

Women Heattech Scoop Neck T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) for £12.90
Women Heattech Polo Neck T Dot for £12.90
Women Heattech Scoop Neck T-shirt for £9.90
Women Heattech Stirrup Leggings for £12.90

All available at or at any uniqlo stores near you.

tintin x


  1. Yes! Thanks for recommending when we visited you last time. They came in handy during our trip to the Arctic circle. ;)


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