I Love My Water Bottle

For the longest time, I have been buying bottled water for work or for when I travel. Although I only bought the cheap bottled water (Nestle Pure Life Water£2 for 12 bottles at Tesco), it added up as days went by. Don even kept telling me to reuse the bottle, but I only did it for so long because the bottle left a funny smell after two days of reusing it. So, I got frustrated and then I started looking for "designer" water bottles, yes "designer". I don't know but I have this mentality that if it is a designer water bottle, it will look more interesting (and different), and will last longer because they are expensive. I know I'm wrong, but.....

I don't drink a lot of water anyway. When I am at home, I only drink at least three glasses of water a day. And when I am working, I drink a little bit more, but I don't just drink water at work. I mean I don't drink water directly from the tap, because it's the hospital. You probably know what I mean. But if you don't, well, because I'm crazy. =)

Anyway, in my desperate bid to find a unique water bottle, I found Kor Delta Hydration bottle by googling "unique water bottles". And this has been one of my best purchases ever since.

Kor Delta comes in four different colours- blue, green, pink and orange. I chose green because it's my favourite colour. It's so cute, no? One thing I like about it is that I can actually carry it around with me. The handle fits my hand perfectly. =)
This water bottle is very easy to open. See those two buttons in the middle? It's a push button cap. You just have to push it up(to open) and down (to close). When it's closed, even if you turn it upside down, it will not spill. The cap is totally removable, so it's also easy to clean.
This is my favourite part of the bottle. You know when I said I don't drink a lot of water? Well, since I've had my Kor Delta, I have been drinking a lot more! Maybe around 1.5 to 2L. You know why? I keep telling Don this. When my lips touches the rim, it feels like I am actually kissing the softest lips on earth. Seriously. And when I finally drink the water from the bottle, it's sooooo refreshing. All of a sudden, the water tastes different. Most importantly, it doesn't smell of plastic. And yes, on top of the cover, there are actually two "stones" which you can choose from - for inspiration (to drink more water). The green bottle comes with the"Be the Change" and "Imagine" stones. You can just alternate them by opening the cap.
This is the bottom part of the bottle. It's rubberized so it doesn't make any noise when you put it down. Most importantly, it doesn't get scratched. But for some reason, both sides of my bottle already have minor scratches. Oh well, I have it for quite a while now, so no wonder. =(
Generally, I can't live without a water bottle in my bag because my throat dries very easily. While I always had bottled water before, now I have my Kor Delta. It fits perfectly in most of my bags. By the way, I have the 500ml bottle. They also have 750ml bottles. Promise, it's not heavy.
Photo from www.korwater.com
Kor Delta Water bottles are available online. They ship internationally. The 500ml costs $19.95
You can also buy them from Amazon or Reusable Bottle - £19.95
If you're in the Philippines, you can buy them from Sunny Sunday.

I know it's quite pricey, but I can guarantee you that it is worth it, and you probably will never go back to drinking from a bottled water again. Be inspired to "Go Green". 

tintin x


  1. cutie ng pink mare :) can you bring me one as ur pasalubong?? hehe

    1. Mare meron na yan sa greenhills or greenbelt ata yun! :)))


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