Day Trip to Porto Venere, Italy

Saturday, 11 August 2012

11 July 2012: My Birthday

So we thought that we should do something special for my birthday. I actually didn't want to go anywhere because I wanted to enjoy Manarola, or was it really? Honestly, I was lazy because it was too hot and I was tired. But then on second thought maybe we should go on a boat ride to another town. And I am glad that I kicked Miss Kill Joy in the butt because Porto Venere was a sight to behold and I would have regretted it if I didn't go.

We took the ferry from Manarola and it only took us about less than half an hour to get to Porto Venere. And it cost us 25 euros each.
View from the ferry

Apart from the beautiful young ladies and gentlemen lined up along the harbour, (who are gifted with the perfect tan and sculptured body), Porto Venere offers wonderful sights that anyone shouldn't really miss.
The historic city centre
Square Spallanzani and church of S. Pietro from the Doria Castle
The Castle of St. Peter
A view taken at the bottom of S Pietro

After spending half a day in beautiful Porto Venere, we went back to Manarola for my birthday dinner.
Pasta Nera Ai Frutti Di Mare
- the best pasta I've ever had. Promise, it's oh so delicious!

Trattoria dal Billy
Via Rollandi 122

Of course, a birthday isn't complete without the cake and the candle blowing. 

Looking for some romantic place for your birthday? Think Cinque Terre.

tintin x


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