Winter in Krakow, Poland

So, I haven't traveled in winter two years in a row and I miss it so much. I know it's not ideal for me as I am not very good with the cold weather, but there's something about seeing a different city in winter time. Perhaps, it's the snow. 

Of all my winter travels, Krakow is one of my favourites. 
 The Wawel Castle
St. Mary's Basilica (Kościół Mariacki)
The Old Town square at night

If there's one thing that I really enjoyed in Krakow, it was our visit to the Jewish Ghetto:
To get to the Ghetto from the centre of town, you need to get Tram 13 or 7

I actually only watched Schindler's List two days before we left for Poland. I didn't realize that I would actually one day visit this place. Inside the museum is also a letter written by Roman Polanski (movie director) when he was 8.

If we came here in 2006, then we would have seen the original gate. This is a must- see in Krakow. You should not leave Krakow without visiting this museum. And if you've watched SCHINDLER'S LIST, then you'll know why.
 The Ghetto at night- creepy!
 The Memorial to the Jews in Plac Bohaterow Getta square

So, if you're a winter traveller, why not try Krakow? I will tell you more reasons why you should visit this city on my next blog. Stay tuned.

tintin x


  1. Amazing post! I recently got my Poland visa London and since then I have been searching for some interesting things to do in Poland. That is when my best friend shared about your blog. I quickly showed the same to my wife and that’s how we started preparing a travel itinerary for Warsaw. We had to because there is so much to do over there and we will stay for one week only. Hoping to create some wonderful memories in Warsaw.

    1. Thank you for dropping by. I hope you have a good time in Poland.


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