The Scones At High Tea of Highgate

I came across scones about 9 years ago when I visited Cornwall. Since then it has become my favourite Afternoon Tea treat. So far, I have tried scones from Harvey Nichols, Marriott hotel, Le Pain Quotidien, Balthazar , Sainsbury's and High Tea of Highgate. Among those places, my least favourite is Le Pain Quotidien. The scones I had over there was not only hard, but the cream they used was more of like what you would put on your hot chocolate. In other words, it was not clotted cream. On the other hand, my favourite scones so far are the ones from High Tea of Highgate.

One of my friends introduced me to this little teashop in the heart of Highgate Village 2 years ago. And although I have been to other cafes after that, I would always go back to High Tea, not only for their scones but also for the cosiness of the place. Whether you would like an "alone time", catch up with friends or have a good tea-time experience, High Tea is the place to be.
High Tea's scones are freshly baked. You could actually smell the freshness of it when it's served. For me, a good scone should be fresh, soft and crumbly....
And of course, it is served with my favourite cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam.

When I attended my friend's baby shower, some British folks asked me what the proper way of eating a scone is. Having no idea at all, I showed them how I would normally eat my scones.

I don't know if there is another way, but I cut my scones in the middle then I spread my clotted cream first, always.

And then I spread the strawberry jam on top. I eat them one after the other. Again, I am not sure if there are people out there who put them back together and eat that way like a sandwich. But, however you would want to eat it, what matters most is that you enjoy your scones. And the best I've had so far are the ones from High Tea of Highgate.
50 Highgate High Street
London N6 5HX

Since I am talking about scones, I might as well tell you what I think of Balthazar's scones. Well, they are beautiful. They are served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. But I think they are too commercialized. They are so beautiful to look at, but it actually doesn't give you that authentic texture and taste of a true scone. It's always worth a try I suppose.

I love their packaging though.

I was actually glad we ordered their French Onion soup because it was amazing!! This, I would recommend. No doubt about that.
4-6 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HZ

My good friend H actually recommends Delaunay's scones, so I probably would try it there next time.

tintin x


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