And Then I Saw Red

I was never sure of red. To be honest, I can't remember wearing anything red, except that turtle neck that I ended up giving away because it didn't fit me well. But in the last few weeks, red has become my favourite colour.I realized that the colour suits me well indeed. So, I bought a couple of red dresses, a jumper and yes, I even found a red wall in Tate Gallery. 

And since I have been missing in action for a while, I thought I would make a slight "pasabog" to welcome myself back to the world of blogging! Boom.

Here is Tintin version 2.0- Wiser. Braver. Stronger. Bolder. Fiercer. (Stolen from Laida Magtalas)

Jumper, Coat, Jeans : Zara, Ankle Boots: New Look

Red is love.

tintin x


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