An Epiphany

The truth is, I am a drama queen. I contemplate on life quite a lot and when I do, I come up with  emotional thoughts.  If you are a friend on facebook, you probably have read my endless epiphanies. A lot of people have commented and sent me messages telling me that they can relate to my feelings and that they are inspired by what I write. A lot of them have thanked me for being brave enough to say  what they have been wanting to say but don't have the courage to. They appreciate the fact that someone can speak up for them, unconsciously. However,  a few others have been aggrieved by my honesty and took my insights the wrong way.  I have caused some trouble a few times for speaking my mind, but this will not stop me from expressing myself. There are more people out there who appreciate my feelings than those who do not. The most important thing for me is that most people find my reflections helpful as they give them encouragement and hope. The private messages I have received from people thanking me because my posts made them feel better make me want to go back to school and take up writing courses so I can write better . I always feel like I have found my purpose in life whenever someone tells me, "those are the words I needed to hear". So, why should I stop being a drama queen? 

And because it is my birthday month, I am extra emotional. So yesterday on my way home, I had yet another epiphany (if I can call it that):

After a while somehow you become the people you are with, so choose them carefully.  Surround yourself with people who will be there when they say they will, in any circumstances. Those people who say they love you and prove it beyond words. Choose those people who share the same dream as you, or encourage you if they don't. Those who know the importance of honesty, loyalty and faithfulness, for you know that they will stay with you. The people who have known suffering so they can join you in your journey. Those who do not hesitate to give because they know how it's like not to have. Those who will spend time with you because you are important to them and not because it is convenient for them. The people who will never remind you of what they have done for you or given you, because they know that when you help you should help with all your heart without expecting anything in return. Those people are selfless. Choose the people who keep their feet on the ground, for they will remind you of who you are. The people who believe that happiness is free, because then it will be easy to be happy. Those who are kind not only to those they care about, but most importantly to those whom they don't know. The people who can let you be yourself without judgement, for that's what life is all about- being yourself so others can be themselves too. Ultimately, you need those people who can help you find the better version of  YOU.

I am no Dalai Lama. God, I don't even write that well. But the fact that I am somehow helping other people is enough reason for me to continue sharing my thoughts.

tintin x


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