Restaurants in London: My Experiences in 2018

I can't even remember when or how my love affair with food started. Growing up, I was always conscious of the fact that I am prone to gaining weight very easily- I eat three plateful meals three days in a row and I could see a bulge in my lower belly- one thing that I am still battling with up to this day. This is the reason why when I was in high school, I sneakily scooped three spoonfuls of rice from the pot and put them in our dog's food container to make it look like I actually had breakfast.

A few years ago though, I rediscovered the joy of eating food. My love for food was intensified when I lived in New Zealand and had all the time in the world to eat anything and everything that I wanted. Since then, I have been in a constant pursuit of good food experience, not only in London but in all places that I go to. Food has become my comfort and most certainly, my passion. 

2018 definitely surpassed my food experience in 2017, merely because I didn't only share the experience with J, but also with other important people in my life.

1.  The Ivy -  1-5 West St, Covent Garden
- If you ask J which restaurant stood out for him in 2018, he would definitely say The Ivy because it never fails to give us the best experience we are looking for in a restaurant. The food and service has always been faultless. It's fancy, yes, but not intimidating. The last time we visited, I finally took the courage to ask for my favourite dessert (sticky toffee pudding) that is no longer on the menu. The staff happily obliged and commented that only people who knew about it normally ask for it. It didn't taste the same but nevertheless, it remains my favourite. I had the Victorian pork and leek sausage (£15.75) for mains because I was craving for it. Market of the day (POA) and some Asian dish for starter were also ordered that evening.

2. Benares - 12a, Berkeley Square, Mayfair
- This Michelin-starred Indian restaurant is the best Indian restaurant we have ever been to in London so far. Everything was truly delightful when we visited. The service was impeccable. The amazing dishes were served in perfect sizes and at a comfortable pace, so we had enough time to savour every dish to our hearts' content. J had the perfectly cooked and spiced tandoori poussin for starter whilst I had the crispy fried chipriones. We both ordered the first main course on the menu that caught our eyes - the black and pink peppercorn spiced goat which was of course spicy, but the heat was not overpowering. We also had the Dal and the spicy baby aubergine which were really good. The paneer and spinach puree was the best according to J. And the roti, yes the roti- I never had a roti as tasty as Benares'. We paid £35 per person for a three-course meal, but paid extra for a couple of sides plus our drinks. After all the incredibly tasty food, we didn't have any more room for dessert. However, the waiter brought us some mini treats consisting of macarons, chocolate muffins and salted caramel. Who could say no to that?

3. Social Eating House - 58 Poland St, Soho
- J brought me here for my birthday last year and it was one of the best food experiences I ever had. For the first time in my life, I had a raw mushroom salad (£12.50) which was surprisingly delicious. I was blown away that I would subsequently order mushroom again at another Jason Atherton restaurant. My mains was black treacle cured cote de porc (£28.50) which I think is no longer in the menu. It was tender and flavourful. J had the 40-day aged native Cumbrian rump (£26) which he thoroughly enjoyed.

4. Kettner's Townhouse - 29 Romilly Street, Soho
- It was J's idea to visit this then newly revamped historic restaurant. It has been said that this establishment with 150-year history was frequented by Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill. We didn't have reservations but we were lucky to be offered a table in the piano bar, where the Bergere chairs were dainty and comfortable. It was a relaxed dining experience considering how glamorous the atmosphere was. For starters, J had the mushroom broth (£6) whilst I had the delicate Devon Crab (£14)- both were good. I then had the tender and juicy Toulouse sausage (£14) for my mains whilst J had the steak hache burger with fries (£16).

5. Bao- 53 Lexington St, Soho
- I have always wanted to go to Bao, but whenever I tried, there was always a long queue. This honestly put me off so I didn't go until the day after my birthday last year as a treat to myself. I decided to go 15 minutes before it opened at 12 midday and already, there were 5 people in the queue. The service was efficient and the staff who served me was very nice. As it was my first time, I played safe and ordered the confit pork bao (£4.50) which was heaven. Then I had to order the 40 day rump cap, aged white soy sauce(£6) after one of the ladies I truly admire posted her review on instagram. It was absolutely divine! Lastly, their sweet potato chips (£3) was the best thing ever. Now I can say that Bao is definitely worth the queue.

6. Barrafina - 26-27 Dean St, Soho
- When my niece from LA visited in August last year, she had a list of restaurants she wanted to try in London and one of them was Barrafina. Actually, Dishoom was our original plan that day. However, the wait in Dishoom was over an hour and we were not going to wait. So, we tried our luck in Barrafina (because this is also a famous restaurant and is equally very busy). It must have been our lucky day after all because we only waited for about 10 minutes. Besides, we were offered a table outside which was ideal as the weather was good that evening. We ordered my favourite pimientos de padron (£6.25), ham croquetas (£6.50) which was very good, cold meat platter (£15.50) and their fish of the day (more or less than £20- I think), which according to the waiter was better than the grilled sardines that I wanted. This is all I can say- if we didn't order the fish, we would have regretted it. The lemon garlic butter sauce looked fatty, but it was actually light and refreshing.
Photo by Farrah

7. Berner's Tavern- 10 Berner's St, Fitzrovia
- I've always been curious about Berner's Tavern as I pass by the restaurant everyday on my way to work. It is inside the London Edition Hotel, so I assumed it would be pretentious. I deliberately didn't check if there was a dress code because I wanted to try if they would accommodate us in our jeans and t-shirts. And they did. I was overwhelmed by the high ceiling and the numerous paintings and photographs on the walls. It was like dining inside a museum. The food was as I expected from a Jason Atherton restaurant. J had the cream of mushroom soup (£12.50) for starter, which according to him was just okay. I chose another mushroom dish- the mushroom on toast (£16). Cooked this time, it tasted brilliantly. I realised later on that I ordered pork again, but this time, it was the perfectly cooked and seasoned BBQ Dingley Dell pork chop (£28). The combination of tomato and harissa, and the sweet roasted onions was perfect to go with the pork. J, on the other hand, had the chicken schnitzel (£20) which he said was also okay. :)

8. Roux at Parliament Square- 11 Great George St, Westminster
- This restaurant reminded me of our favourite restaurant in Wellington - the Boulcott Street Bistro. The intimate ambiance, the soft music and the charming interior was perfect for an amazing dining experience. Not to mention the seamless service and the excellent quality of the food. For £59, you get a worthy three-course meal. The risotto was slightly salty for me, however the cod was very tasty. Their mango rice pudding soufflĂ© was a winner. My lovely dinner companion, my Ate Elvie, completed the wonderful food experience.

9. Sketch- 9 Conduit St, Mayfair
- Farrah's trip to London is not complete without an afternoon tea. During her visit last year, we chose Sketch to fulfil our tradition because of their blush pink interior and their egg-shaped toilets.  Yes, really. By this time, we would have eaten beyond our heart's content (from our trip to Italy and dinners at a few London restaurants after), and therefore I surrendered. For the first time in a long time, I was defeated by food, albeit it was truly delicious. I would like to go back again for their afternoon tea (£59) and I promise to finish it all this time.

10.  Aubaine Selfridges - 400 Oxford St
- Wisteria, French furniture, and that little corner- my idea of a girly brunch. Farrah and I definitely enjoyed our brunch in Aubaine. We were lucky to be seated at the back of the restaurant, which I think is the most photographed part of the restaurant because of the wisteria-covered ceiling. It was a very relaxing experience. It was actually a very good way to cap off our girly catch-up for the year. Farrah had the Portobello mushroom and goat's cheese on potato rosti (£9.50) which was too pretty to eat. I had the French breakfast (£12.50) because  why not?
Photo by Farrah

11. Beach Blanket Babylon- 45 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill
- In 2014, one of my friends invited me to a dinner in Beach Blanket Babylon. I don't remember much about the experience now, so I decided to go back- but this time for brunch. The interior was how I remembered it- elegant and cosy. The service was friendly, however it was quite slow. It took more than 30 minutes for our food to be served. They were obviously short-staffed, but there was no reassurance or anything. I had to follow up our food. Apart from that, it was a pleasant experience because the food was good and affordable too. I had the eggs florentine (£12) whilst J had the beef burger (£15) served with sweet potato fries. It was definitely worth the tube journey to West London.

12. Pearl Liang - 8 Sheldon Square, Paddington
- I don't normally hang out in Paddington, but one of my dear friends took me there for my belated birthday dinner. Pearl Liang was a good Chinese food experience outside my comfort zone. Their roast duck (£20 for half) was at par with my favourite in Chinatown. With a good company, friendly service and good food, I can't really complain.

13. Lutong Pinoy - 10 Kenway Road, Earls Court
- Since I discovered Romulo's Cafe, I never went back to Lutong Pinoy- my original favourite Filipino restaurant in London. Luckily, my cousin visited me one weekend last year and he asked me to go to Earl's Court with him. I took that opportunity to re-visit Lutong Pinoy. Unfortunately, they didn't have my favourite longganisa. The menu always makes me feel giddy whenever I go there because I basically want to order everything. I wish I could, but I'm sure I would die with a heart attack soon enough. So, to satisfy my Pinoy food cravings during my visit, I ordered my all time favourite sizzling sisig with egg (£8.50). Chicharon bulaklak (£6) was my starter of choice (always), then in addition to the sisig, we also ordered lechon kawali (£8.75) and inihaw na liempo (£8.75). Of course, the experience won't be complete without their garlic fried rice (£2.40).

14. Burger and Lobster- 10 Wardour St, Chinatown
- Because who wouldn't want a burger and a lobster? Our favourite comfort food joint, J and I go to burger and lobster at least twice a year- when we crave for the best of both worlds. So each time, we order half a burger and half a lobster each. All platters come with salad and crispy french fries. It's always a treat going to Burger and Lobster, hence it made it on my list. 

If eating is a talent, then at least I have one. 



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