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Morocco in May

I can honestly say that one of the best trips I had so far was my trip to Morocco. And when I say this, I mean outside Marrakech. It was a little more than a year ago when we decided to do camel trekking to the Sahara. But before we got there, we went on a two-day tour in some of the most beautiful places in Morocco! The photos below will definitely tell you why I enjoyed this trip very much.

But before anything else, I would like you to  meet our guide- Omar. Omar is one if not the best (foreign) driver I have ever met. Imagine him overtaking two lorries and a car in a very sharp curve. I couldn't breath for a minute but I thought that was a very smooth overtake. Apart from being a good driver, Omar is also very patient and trustworthy. We would spend a lot of time taking photos of one place but he never rushed us. We even entrusted him our laptop and some valuables. He is just very nice. Omar speaks very good English and speaks other languages as well like German, French, Italian etc. So if you guys are thinking of that perfect Moroccan adventure, contact Omar and you will surely not get disappointed.

Our tour was a total of 3 days and 2 nights (including the Sahara). On day 1, we were picked up in front of Restaurant ARAGANA in Marrakech. Unfortunately, the restaurant was bombed last year. From there we travelled through the breath-taking Atlas mountains while enjoying the view of the Berber villages.
Lunch that day was spent at a restaurant overlooking the World Heritage site of Ait Benhaddou. Apparently, some of the famous films like The Mummy (1999), Gladiator (2000) and Alexander (2004) were shot there.
From Ait Benhaddou, Omar drove us to the Atlas Studio in Ouarzazate, then to the valley of roses.
It took us 10 hours to get to the hotel where we would stay that night. Auberge Le Vieux Chateau du Dades is located in Dades valley in the middle of the Dades Gorges.
After breakfast on our second day, we passed by Todra Gorge on our way to Merzouga.
Following our trip to the gorge was lunch at a berber's house, where we were entertained by a child named Hamid (our guide's nephew). Omar was kind enough to let us in to his family home in Hassi Labied- a small village in Merzouga.

Those and more....

These kids were taught how to make a living at an early age. I was flattered when they came up to me with a flower. But as soon as I took the flower from them, they started asking for Dirhams. Then three more kids came with the mother watching them from a few metres away. Sweet but crafty.

This trip was extra fun because we were in a good company of people. Our guide thought we were from Japan because we took so many photos.

All that and we were on our way to an experience of a lifetime!

tintin x


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