Bristol 10K

When my son passed away in January this year, I thought of doing things in memory of his name. My main goal is to put up an Art and Music Foundation in the Philippines, however I guess that is definitely not as easy as one, two, three. I have been researching on different ways on how to start a small charity for him, but I think I need to spend more time on it. I know one day it will happen, I just need time.

So for now, I decided to run in his memory instead. I signed up for the Bristol 10K only in April. It was kind of a last minute decision. I am not really a runner. I was not even allowed to play pingpong when I was a child because apparently I had a heart murmur (and asthma) and I shouldn't be engaging myself into sports. Then it turned out that I didn't have either. I was just a sickly child. But thankfully, I had a son who believed that everything is possible, that you can do everything because it is you. His motto in life was, "Kaya ko po, Ako Pa!" Sorry, I am not sure how to translate that in English. Haha. If any of you my readers know how, please leave your comments below. I will be grateful. And this my friends, is the reason why I decided to run the Bristol 10k.

My son has become my inspiration to do the things that I have never done before. I don't think I had a proper training, but I still managed to run the whole 10k without stopping.
I brought my son's favourite toy Meowmeow to run with me. I carried her all the way through. I was wearing sky blue and white t-shirt because those were my son's favourite colours. I had some stars printed on the left top corner of my t-shirt, as well as "Keith Lighters" because he loved the stars, actually anything that lights up and "Lighters" by Eminem was his favourite song.
The weather was perfect. It was not that cold and it was not that hot either. I found it difficult to look at the beautiful scenery because I am scared of heights and I was afraid that if I did, I would collapse. Haha. But running under the Bristol Suspension Bridge and by the cliffs was just amazing! I lived in Bristol for 10 years but never had that experience!
There is always a point in my run when I get really tired and always want to give up, just like in the photo above. But when I was training, I promised myself that I will not give up until I hear Keith's favourite song Lighters. And then when I do, I just carry on. I know it may just be a mere coincidence, but a lot of times when I am running, my son's song only plays when either I am almost ready to give up or almost finished running. I have all his songs in shuffle. Sometimes the same song has been played twice but not his song. So I don't know why it always happens like that. But anyway...
Three minutes into the finish line. I was encouraged to sprint at this point, but I couldn't because I didn't want to push myself too hard. But thinking about it now, I know I should and could have done it. I was just lazy.
I was so relieved when I saw the finish line. This has been my biggest achievement since my son left us.
I was so proud of myself! I am sure my son is too! I know he was watching Meow and I from above with Father God and all his angel friends in heaven.

The once sickly girl can now officially run! I am really happy to have done something in my son's name. I will always be proud that I have done this for him. He has always made me proud, so I guess it's about time for me to make him proud too!

My official time is 60 minutes and 59 seconds.

tintin x


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