My Baby's First Angel Birthday

I am so touched by the thoughtfulness of my friends from all over the world, who joined me and our family in celebrating our beloved Keith's first angel birthday. Their act of kindness and their warm messages left me lost for words. I really do appreciate what they have done for our angel. I will forever be grateful.

For Keith Ashley "happy bday in heaven"... Give him eternal rest, Oh Lord, and may your light shine upon him forever. 
- from my friend Marilou in Arizona
A blue candle that will burn all day, wearing a blue top, the effort not to cuss (even mentally!) and the thought of not giving up on a day when things weren't really being fantastic...the last two were the hardest, but because of a friend and her lovely boy who is in a better place than we are, I'd say just the mere thought of remembering not to cuss wiped the frown away. 
from my friend Gemma in London
Prayers and lighted candle for keith's 1st angel birthday:) 
- from  Lala, Manila
Didn't realise how nice the words are, Ate. Thank you and Keith for sharing. =)
Today may not the best of days, but I am greatly inspired to turn things around by a little boy who went to heaven a year ago. Thank you Ate Cristine, and thank you Keith. "Kaya ko po, ako pa." 
- from  Leng, London 
Give him eternal rest, O Lord, and may your Light shine upon him forever.
Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.
- from Manang Mila, Zambales
And to Keith Ashley, a very talented young boy who went to heaven a year ago. "Kaya ko, Ako Pa" always inspire me.
- from my friend Ate Jo of London
Happy Happy Birthday Keith!
You are greatly missed :)
- from  Grace, Laos
K lighter day! X

- from my friend Blossom, Birminghan
Our Keith Lighter Day; Blue And white Balloons, white candle, prayers, and Sparkles!!! All sent up in the air, through the gates of heavens TO Keith...
-from my friend Alena and her family, Connecticut
Keith, this is for you balong!
-from Manang Dang, Canada
For Keith
-from my friend Emma, Chicago

And some of the messages were:

Jean Drf (Manang Jean)
went to church with my boys today, light a candle for my John, Keith, Uncle Sam and cousin Guy. Then said our prayers. RIP.

May the light of God sorround you.
May the love of God enfold you.
May the presence of God watch over you.
And may the power of God raise you & be with Him now & 4ever.
Keith, this I pray Jesus' name...Amen.

Sarah Dodd, Manchester
Hey honey. It's a Keith Lighter day in Lowton, downloaded Lighters for Keith this morning and got ready for work listening to it. I'll play it on and off all day. Hugs to you my sweet friend xxxx

Thank you all for liking my posts about Keith and for all your messages.

tintin x


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