California Dreamin'

This time last year, I was in California for the first time. It was a trip that took forever to plan. And when it finally happened, of course it turned out to be one of the best travels that I have ever had.

I actually wanted to go to California mainly to spend time with my family and friends whom I haven't seen for what it seemed like forever, to eat delicious food and to visit Jollibee. Honestly. I really didn't care about "seeing" California at all. All I wanted was to relax and stay indoors. My jet lag allowed me to do this but my friends didn't. For almost a week, I felt really tired and was so lazy to do anything. I just wanted to sleep and eat.

And speaking of eating.... As soon as I got to one of my friends' beautiful home at almost midnight, I had my all time favourite "ulam":
And since that night, I did not stop eating until I came back to London. Everyone literally fed me and everything they fed me was just so delicious that even if I was full to my face, I could not say no. The amount of food that was served to me was overwhelming, believe me. And although I enjoyed every bite of everything, I had my favourites of course. And in no paticular order, here they are:

1. Breakfast Buffet at the Garcia-Aquipel's Residence in Chula Vista: It was like a feast for a single person. I really felt special.

2. Arroz caldo and Purefoods tender juicy hotdog at Francis and Aida's crib in San Diego: Need not say more. 

3. Buko-pandan and lechon kawali from Goldilocks:

4. That crab at Crab Hut in Downtown San Diego: And if you need lessons on how to eat a crab properly, just let me know. :)

5. Jolly Breakfast at Jollibee and The Chicken Joy and Spaghetti Meal: Yes I was being selfish  the first time I went there and had both for breakfast. Who could blame me, haven't had a treat for almost two years then. And so the following day, I was back for more.

6. Hmmmmm... those really, really bad cheese rolls from Porto's: My Ading Aida instructed me not to miss Porto's when I went to LA so I made sure I went there and had their famous cheese rolls. It became my obsession since and until now I am still craving for it.

7. That Clam Chowder from Boudin in Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco:

8. The Mariquitas and the Te Helado (top) and the Bistec Encebollado (bottom)from Sol Food Restaurant in San Rafael:

Not to mention the many other foods that were prepared for me by my other families all over California.

And just like any other tourists, I could not possibly go to California and not see the famous tourists spots (so my family and friends say):

1. Napa Valley

2. Universal Studios


4. Hollywood Walk of Fame

5. Rodeo Drive

6. Golden Gate Bridge

7. The Exploratorium

I could definitely have seen more if I was not lazy. But at least I saw most of the poeple that I wanted to see. That was the most important part of my trip.

1. My university friends

2. My best friends since grade school

3. My relatives from the father side

4. My relatives from the mother side

5. Family friends

And more trips to Jollibee after that:

Ah, time flies so fast. Before I went to California, there was this cliche way back when I was in Bristol that people seek refuge in America when caught in a relationship problem. Well, at that time, it proved to be true. When it was my turn to go, I really didn't think of it. I left London with my relationship intact (so I thought). Of course, there were those odd misunderstandings few weeks before. But to go to America to seek refuge? Nah, it was far from the situation that I was in. Until of course when my holiday was over and I came back to London. That's when the situation changed and so did my life. 

I have not traveled since this trip, making it so special. I just cannot wait until I start traveling again and make new memories with myself or someone else. 

tintin x


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