The First 7 Days in Wellington

Sure the time has gone by really quick. We've now been in Wellington for a week and apart from battling with jet lag for five days, things have been really good. We are still staying at a hotel and will be here for another week. J and I were actually a bit unsure about living in a hotel prior to coming here, but it has been nothing but a good experience so far. In fact, we are starting to get used to living here now. Unfortunately, the room is not ideal for long stay so we have to move on at some point next week.

So what's been happening? Well, J started work on Monday. He has not started properly yet as I think the company gives them a grace period of two weeks to get settled and sort things out , but he has been going to work. This means that I have been left on my own majority of the time. At the moment I don't mind not doing as much because I am still technically on annual leave. But things might change when my career break starts on the 25th of January because then I will be officially jobless. Let's just wait and see what happens.

On Monday after J left for work, I went downtown to do some errands. I also took the opportunity to practice on photography. I know by now that Wellington is a beautiful city and I would like to take as many beautiful photos as I can. This time though, I didn't take a lot of photos because I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep, so I only took a couple of random shots on my way back to the hotel.
Photos taken from the Civic Centre

I'm not sure if the weather in Wellington is as crazy as England, but it certainly changes very often. Tuesday was particularly cold and windy. I just find it very hard to accept that after being told (by a lot of people) that New Zealand has a much better weather than England, I need to layer up in the summer. Perhaps I have high expectations of the weather that until now I am still in denial that Wellington is a windy city.

Wednesday was a very productive day for us. We actually went around to look for some apartments. Actually, we only saw two apartments  and instantly fell in love with the second one. If the view is anything to go by, I think we have found a very good apartment. 
The view from the apartment

We went to sign the tenancy agreement today and paid the deposit, so yay! We finally have a place we can soon call our home. 

I also finally went for a run after a few months hiatus. The weather was perfect for a run but I only did  a short distance because I was feeling dizzy. I am hoping to run more in the coming weeks though.

We have also been eating out everyday as it is quite impossible to cook in the hotel at the moment. We have a stove inside the room but then there is not enough space to prepare the food and store it afterwards so it's not ideal really. We have found a few good restaurants in the neighbourhood, so I will be writing about them soon.
Croque-Madame  with fries and salad at Museum Hotel, $19

I am glad that despite my very bad jet lag, we were still able to enjoy our first week in Wellington.  There will be more to come for sure so I hope that you will continue to join us in our journey.

tintin x


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