A Walk Round The Bays in Wellington

Between conquering my phobias (agoraphobia and aquaphobia) and my poor sense of direction was my desire to walk around the beautiful bays and beaches of Wellington. At first I was unsure because from what I noticed, the roads are winding and can be very quiet at times. I really couldn't imagine myself alone on the road next to the water, not knowing which way to go. Just the thought of it made me cringe. But I knew that somehow it's got to be done because otherwise I will be missing out on a very good experience. Everyday when I took J to work, I saw quite a few people running or walking around the bay. Although I was very jealous then,  I knew that I couldn't do it just yet. Until one day I woke up hyper and wanted to challenge myself. So I took Jamie to work as usual and instead of taking the bus, I ran back home. At first I was nervous but eventually I calmed down. I didn't realise how calming the sound of the water and the smell of the sea can be. Pardon my ignorance but my inability to swim and my fear of the water overshadowed my genuine appreciation of the sea. But after that first run I felt that I might have finally overcame my fear. So one day, I brought my camera and walked back home (instead of run).  It was rather hot that day and it was only quarter past nine in the morning, but I didn't care because I was well prepared for this walk. I wore a baseball cap for the first time in a very long time, had my sunglasses on and applied a copious amount of sunscreen lotion. Although I was sun-ready, I wasn't sure if I was camera-ready. 

As I am an amateur photographer, it took me a while to take my first shot as I didn't and still don't know how to use my camera properly. And for someone like me who is stubborn and lazy to read the instruction manual, I think it will take me a long while before I learn how to fully operate my camera and take photos that will fully satisfy me. For now though, I just have to settle with my limited photography skills.

Anyway, as soon as I set foot on the first corner from Miramar Avenue where I could see water, this is what I saw:

Further along is the Evans Bay Marina:
Evans Bay

That time I was a being a proper photographer-wanna-be as I spent some time looking for objects and/or subjects (not sure which one is properly used) to take photographs of. I found it most difficult to look for the best angle though. As I have always said in the past, I don't have the perspective when it comes to photography. But I guess I just need to practice.

If only it wasn't too hot that morning then I could have taken a few more minutes to immerse myself into the amazing view.

Half way through my walk was this lovely beach:
Balaena Bay

And just under two hours later, I could finally see the city. 

Oriental bay is only about less than ten minutes walk down the hill from where we live and it's very close to the city centre. I enjoy running around here because it has a lively atmosphere especially if the weather is good. There are a lot of activities going on all the  time like cycling,skate boarding, walking, running, paddling, surfing, swimming, kayaking and  fishing.  It's a very popular spot for both locals and tourists.
Oriental Bay

On average it takes at least one hour and fifteen minutes to walk form Miramar to Oriental Bay. But because I took photos along the way, it took me twice as long. 

I have never done anything like this before and I felt like a completely different person when I got home. Although I am almost 40, I am not that mature and confident in a lot of things - walking alone around the bays in a different city included. I wouldn't necessarily do anything like this anywhere but because I feel safe in Wellington, I did it. The whole experience was liberating and it gave me a different outlook on (my) life. 

I have done another walk after this without taking photos and it was simply amazing. If you happen to visit Wellington, I suggest you walk around the bays. It is honestly a beautiful experience.

tintin x


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