The Miramar Peninsula, Wellington

Last Saturday, J and I took our car "Fumptoid" on a test drive around the Miramar Peninsula. Considering that this was J's first long distance drive, it was actually an easy one. The roads were pretty quiet (for a weekend), making it more pleasurable to drive. It took us at least one hour and a half to go around the bays. The weather was not perfect as it was very windy and chilly, but it was good enough to enjoy the scenic views. This also gave us the opportunity to take photos of empty beaches. 

This was one of the most beautiful and enjoyable road trips that I've ever done. Not that I have done many, but this is definitely up there. Here's why....

1. Shelly Bay
- Shelly Bay apparently gets very busy in the summer. Well, it's summertime here now, but on Saturday it was particularly quiet. This is also where you can find the famous Chocolate Fish Cafe. Unfortunately, we could only have an ice cream at that time because they had a problem in the kitchen I think. But we could always go back because it's not that far.

2. Kau Bay
- Pretty amazing rocks here.

3. Scorching Bay
- Apart from the beautiful view, I also liked the beautiful houses in the area. 

4. Karaka Bay
- Apparently Peter Jackson (director and producer of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) lives in the area but we didn't exactly know where. I just found out that it's the red brick building along Karaka bay road. Oh well, maybe we can go for another road trip to look for it. :)

5. Breaker Bay
- A popular nudist beach apparently, but we didn't see any on Saturday probably because it was chilly.Ha.I saw a couple making out in a car though. :)

6. Lyall Bay
- So,  Scarlett Johansson was or is still in town shooting her next film "Ghost in the Shell" and was spotted in a gym in Lyall Bay. Too bad we didn't bump into her. Anyway, Lyall Bay is famous for surfing and for dogs too. It's also close to the airport so it's ideal for plane-spotting. 

To be honest, that was a very quick trip round the bays. I would really love to go back when it's not too windy, preferably to Breaker Bay - not to watch the nudists, but to see a specific spot I saw on the internet. :)

tintin x


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