How We Pulled Off Our Very Own Afternoon Tea Party

As a professed afternoon tea lover, any idea of an afternoon tea really excites me. So when my friend Amor invited me to a private afternoon tea party at their house for her 25th birthday, I was very delighted that I, without hesitation volunteered to bake scones even if I knew that it could possibly go horribly wrong. That's how excited I was. Haha.

When the day came, I didn't know what to expect as I haven't been invited to an afternoon tea party in a house before, but my first reaction when I entered the dining room was "wow". The room was beautifully decorated, complete with  pink and purple motif and a very simple table setting. 

It wasn't long until everyone was ready for our much awaited afternoon tea. I particularly loved the tea selection.

I think none of the girls actually thought of French macarons. Luckily, the only thorn among the roses (Darren) brought some. And then we just added some chocolate truffles.

I wasn't very pleased with my scones as they were not as soft and fluffy as I wanted them to be, but apparently it was still good. There were also some quiche which were very rich in flavour. 

I bet you, no one has ever had leche flan with their afternoon tea.  But we did and we very much enjoyed it. Totally out of place but for someone like me who is not keen on sandwiches and savouries, leche flan would perhaps be a good alternative. But then again, I am a weirdo when it comes to food. 

There you go, an afternoon tea made cheap and easy.

Thank you to the birthday girl for organising.

But the party didn't end there. We also got to bring out the creative side of us and did some painting.

Honestly, it never occurred to me that I can actually have an afternoon tea at home. I guess it's time to host an afternoon tea party when I go back to London.

tintin x 


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