Somes/Matiu Island

As far as I can remember, we only had three really nice days in September. Luckily, one of them was when we visited Somes Island. It was actually the first time in spring that I walked around without wearing a thick coat, so I was the happiest.

Somes island sits in the middle of the beautiful Wellington harbour and is accessible by East and West Ferry from Queen's Wharf in just 20 minutes. It used to be a quarantine station but is now a scientific reserve.

We arrived on the island around 1220 and before we could even walk anywhere, there was a mandatory introduction to the island. We were then asked to check our own bags for any unwanted companions, aka pets or pests. After which we queued up to clean our shoes. I'm not sure if you were meant to clean your shoes twice but I did, first on a mat and then on a massive green brush.  I wanted to ensure that my shoes met the standard for the walk. :)

And then there was the giant dead Weta. According to the Ranger, the insect died two weeks before our visit.

As we had to catch the ferry back to the city at 1500, we planned to take the easy hour-loop to be on the safe side. Somes island has  beautiful walking trails and therefore easy to walk around. Even the track uphill is not challenging at all so even if you think you are unfit, you can probably easily do the hour-loop.

A NZ$22 trip to Somes island is absolutely worth it as it provides a stunning 360-degree views of the Wellington harbour and its surrounding areas. 

I am glad that we went to explore Somes island on a really beautiful day. The sky, although with some scattered white clouds was so blue and the sea water was changing colour from solid blue to greenish-blue.

Two hours was certainly enough for us to enjoy Somes island. That was basically walking at our own pace and enjoying the view as much as we could. We even stopped for a quick snack. Still, we arrived at the ferry station at least half an hour before departure.

The view towards the city was beautiful. I could see our flat from the boat and I couldn't help but be a bit emotional. I whispered to myself how lucky I am to have been given the chance to live next to a city landmark and in an amazing neighbourhood.

tintin x


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