41 Important Lessons I Learned In The Last Year

I've been loving myself far too much lately (I think) because I have been spending hours reading previous entries on my own blog and looking at my posts on instagram. It's a good thing that I did this though, because one of my blog posts inspired me to reflect on the important lessons that I've learned in the last year or so. In fact, some of the things that I will be writing here are extracted from my previous entries. 

A lot of things have happened between 40 and 41. It's amazing how things can change so swiftly in a short span of time. As they say, change is always good as it allows us to be the person we are meant to be. And for that, here is my list of the important lessons that life taught me before I turned a year older:

1. Don't be afraid to take the leap of faith no matter where you are in your life right now. Forget about the uncertainties and look forward to the many possibilities.

2. In connection to that, always follow your heart because even the things you never dreamed of will happen when you do.

3. In this life, you don't always get what you want no matter how hard you pray for it. Instead, you are given what you need

4. A Bucket List is a good idea, but when I failed to tick half of my 40 before 40 list, I stopped making lists and decided to just go with the flow. No bucket list means no pressure. It also means less disappointments. Besides, most of the good things that happened in my life were unplanned. 

5. Not to say that I no longer have ambitions because I still do. I just realised that living a life doesn't mean constantly chasing goals and living in the future, but rather enjoying the present and focusing on what's important right now.

6. At the end of the day, I have no one to impress but myself

7. Date yourself often. Dating myself made me realise that I am the best friend I could ever have. 

8. Being selfish is a good thing- only if it means loving yourself first so you can love others better.

9. I learned how to invest time, effort and money only on those things and people that I know can help me become a better person.

10. I regained control and power over my life by learning how to say no. The truth is, you can never please everybody no matter what you do, so only say yes to the things that are important to you.

11. Life is too short to spend on forced conversations and meaningless friendships.

12. Life is so much better if you get rid of anyone and anything that give you unnecessary stress. 

13. Surround yourself only with people who infuse positivity in your life. People who never fail to remind you of who you truly are. People who bring out the best in you even in the worst situation. People who will push you up when the whole world is trying to pull you down.

14. You only need a handful of really good friends to survive in this world.

15. Losing friends is not a reflection of your being, but a mere proof that people do change and weak friendships wither.

16. Even the people you've done only good things for will doubt your character and your loyalty when things don't work out in their favour.

17. Walk away from friends who give you reasons to doubt your friendship.

18. You are not responsible for anyone's behaviour towards other people.

19. Every person who comes into our lives has a purpose. Some leave once their purpose is fulfilled, while others stay for the rest of our lives. 

20. Anger doesn't last forever. But the hurtful things you say and do when you're angry do. So, think again.

21. Once someone starts ignoring you, do not bother them again.

22. Success is not all about working hard. Believe me. It is also sometimes just being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

23. Invest more on experiences, less on material things. Experiences become important memories that we can keep in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Material things lose value over time. 

24. True wealth is not measured by material possessions. It is measured by your ability to remain humble despite being rich.

25. Never complain about not having enough clothes or shoes to wear. There are people out there who genuinely do not have anything to wear.

26. Quality over quantity. Always. In everything. 

27. Be careful whom you show your vulnerability to because they can use that against you.

28. Less words, less trouble. Share your stories and opinions only with those who are genuinely interested. Some people are just there for the gossip. Always remember, words travel faster than you think.

29. Some people's insecurities are hidden in their confidence.

30. Sometimes in life, you need a man who is willing to take a risk with you and take you under his wings.

31. Knowing your partner's language of love will not only help you understand him, but will also help you manage your relationship expectations better.

32. In managing relationship issues, there is no point in arguing if you can talk things through.

33. Comparing the past with the present made me appreciate the present more

34. Men are often confused, if not lost. They need a strong woman to lead the way. If you choose to be that woman, you need to be patient.

35. And if you want something from your man, ask for it and be specific. Men can't read our minds apparently.

36. Make it a habit to make someone feel good about themselves by simply telling them what you like about them- sincerely.

36. Give not because you believe that "the more you give the more you receive", but because you genuinely want to.

37. Family is family, no matter how bad they make you feel sometimes. 

38. Distant relatives are never distant if you have that special connection that brings you closer together.

39. "What other people think of you is none of your business", so always be yourself. They can take or leave it. It's their choice not yours. 

40. Self-reflection is the key to becoming a better person.

41. Your thoughts are as powerful as your words. Think positively.

There are actually more than 41 crucial lessons that I've learned in the last year. However, this blog is for my 41st birthday so I will leave it as it is. Perhaps, I can write some more in the future. 

For now, I just hope that you can pick up a lesson or two from my list above as I continue to learn more lessons from the best teacher that is life.



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