A Relaxing Four Days In The Lake District

Since my first ever trip to the Lake District last year, I've been looking forward to going back. Lake District is now officially my favourite vacation place in the UK because this World Heritage site's picturesque landscapes remind me of one of my favourite countries- New Zealand. I am blessed that J's family go there every year and therefore, I get to tag along and experience this magnificent place.

We were blessed with a good weather this year, unlike last year when it rained almost the whole time that we were there. Good weather only meant more time spent outside exploring the  stunning sceneries of the Lake District.

Our first adventure was to the top of the Stickle Tarn in Langdale. I wanted to go up there mainly to pay tribute to my favourite chef, who sadly passed away at the London marathon in April. With the support of J and his parents, I was able to fulfil this.

The trail to Stickle Tarn started easy but became challenging very quickly. The more or less than hour hike from the Stickle Ghyll carpark was consistently uphill and very rocky. However, as the trail became steeper, the view became more and more dramatic.

As we ascend to the top of the mountain, I wondered if there was really a tarn somewhere out there. It seemed like we were just constantly climbing higher and higher with no signs of water.

When we reached the final rise, I finally saw the beautiful Stickle Tarn. The challenging climb was definitely worth it. I loved the serenity of this place. We stayed there for a good half an hour and had our little picnic. I took pleasure in the simple but delicious sandwiches that J's mum prepared for us, the tranquility of the lake and the good conversation I shared with J and his parents. Ah, simple pleasures.

On our way down, we took a different path. This time, an easier trail. No more rocky outcrops. J and his Dad led the way because they know the place very well. It was actually fascinating listening to them reminisce their past climbing experiences, naming all the mountains before us. J and his family have been going to the Lakes for over 10 years now and have climbed most of the mountains here. I's very impressive actually.

We stopped a few times to rest and enjoy the views, and then we headed back to the car park and drove back to the vacation house. 

The day after our Stickle Tarn adventure, J's parents took us to Keswick for a boat ride around Derwent Water. The breathtaking views of this place are comparable to that of New Zealand. It is definitely worth a visit. Even the dozens and dozens of ducks that greeted us seem to love this place.

We got off the boat in Hawes End for a picnic. After which, the kids enjoyed playing in the water.

After our enjoyable boat ride, we headed to Castlerigg Stone Circle, where I enjoyed the 360 degrees of purely astonishing views. The stones are between 3000 and 4000 years old. Unlike Stonehenge, you can freely touch and sit on the stones here. Adults and children alike were even climbing up the bigger stones.

On our last full day at the Lakes, we just wanted to do a short walk. J's sister was going home that day so we decided to just visit the nearby Elterwater, where J and his family enjoyed stone skipping. It was a good place to just relax and enjoy the impressively clear water.

Before we left Lake District, we went for another short walk with J's parents and his little niece. We also visited the Holy Trinity Church on top of the hill. 

And just like that. Our short vacation at the Lakes was over.

Just like last year, this holiday was very laid-back. It gave me the opportunity to temporarily switch off from the craziness of my real world. I really can't wait to go back again next year.



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