2022, Thank You For A Better Year!

And just like that, it's 2023.

It's amazing how 2022 flew by so quickly. As they say, time flies when you're having fun. Yes, I guess it's safe to say that majority of my 2022 was fun. However, there were also a few occasions where life hit me quite hard. There were times when I cried silently, in the shower, or in bed at night whilst J was in his office doing his own thing. There was also one time when I unintentionally showed my vulnerability at work. This moment was witnessed by one of my staff who without judgment, hugged me so tightly and cried with me. Whilst some people may think that showing your vulnerability is a sign of weakness, I have always seen it as a sign of courage and an opportunity for other people to sincerely feel me, to clearly see through me and deeply understand me as a human being. Vulnerability has allowed me (through the years) to be true to myself and in fact, fostered my personal relationships. My anxiety also flared up, causing me to suffer some physical symptoms that I mistaken for a medical condition. Without telling anyone even J, I subjected myself to some investigations for reassurance. I was very relieved when the results came back normal. Apart from that, my 2022 was mostly good.

2022 was the year when finally, harmony was restored within my family. For a while, my family went through a phase of instability, one thing that left me downhearted. Being too far away from home , I felt so helpless. All I could do really was pray that eventually, members of my family would understand each other and communicate more openly. And ultimately, my fervent prayers were answered. This really made me happy, knowing that there is finally peace and harmony in our household. I pray that the beautiful relationship our family now have will last a lifetime. I know our family will never be perfect and will always be a work in progress, but I am proud of our family’s journey in the last few years and the direction that it's heading towards. All is well that ends well indeed.

2022 saw me cultivate and strengthen meaningful friendships. At 46, I am very happy that I have friends who are constant in my life, and whose presence add value to it. I am blessed to have friends who are equally nurturing, motivating and inspiring. Every catch up with a friend last year was relevant and purposeful, just like how it should be. 

Opportunities also came my way in 2022. J and I finally decided to take adulting on a higher level and moved into a place we can now truly call our own. It took us years to get here, however I have always believed that we were prepared for this moment. In addition to this, another job opportunity fell on my lap unexpectedly. It's when you know that someone is genuinely looking out for you and wants the best for you. Basically, one of my previous bosses introduced me to someone who would eventually offer me a job that I couldn't say no to. Think about better work-life balance, 4-day week and less stressful job altogether (away from all the madness of acute healthcare)- sounds promising, right? Anyway, six weeks into this job and I can confidently say that all is well. In a short span of time, I met a lot of wonderful people- colleagues, patients and their relatives. I am most grateful for the opportunity to interact with patients at a deeper, less clinical level which is bringing me so much joy at the moment. Everyday, I learn something valuable. I learn something new about life. I learn something new about the world and other people. Most importantly, I learn something new about myself. The people I have met in the last six weeks have reaffirmed that I am here for a reason.

I am also very grateful for the people who stayed in my life last year and the new ones who willingly let themselves into my life. The people, who despite being in the background, made me feel valued and cared for consistently. Sometimes people don't need to physically be with you to remind you that you are never alone. Sometimes, it's those random check-in messages that make all the difference.

This year, I am making a pledge to continue finding that purpose in all the places that I go to, in every person I meet and in every circumstance that I find myself in. There’s this, and learning how to live that purpose wholeheartedly. I also would like to focus on taking control of my thoughts, to ensure that I am more present in the here and now and not worry too much about what could have been and what will be. I also would like to practice gratitude more than I did last year, paying more attention to the little blessings that I certainly overlooked before. Gratitude and contentment are perhaps my big words for 2023.

How about you? Do you have any big words for this year? Whatever it is that you have in mind, I hope that these words will inspire you to do the right things in life. May you continue to live your life full of positivity, kindness and hope. 

Tin x


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