High Tea at Louis Sergeant

Two nights ago, for the first time since 2001, I felt homesick. I suddenly missed Wellington so much that I actually cried. But instead of making myself a cup of tea to "make everything better", I found myself flicking through my camera and was comforted by photos of beautiful treats. It was that time when we went for a NZ$37 High Tea at the much raved about Louis Segeant in Featherston Street.

As soon as we entered the Salon de The, my eyes caught an array of what I could only describe as edible art. It was like going into a museum of desserts. They looked so beautiful, I wouldn't even want to eat them. 

I originally booked a table for four but at the last minute, one of our friends decided to join us. When I informed the staff, she immediately dressed another table. She was very accommodating.

I would say that Louis Sergeant is a contemporary tearoom with a classic touch. When we went there, only a couple of tables were made for High Tea. 

To begin with, the staff went through the tea menu with us. There were only six to choose from but they all seemed delicious. As I am a big fan of green tea, I asked for the "Soleil Vert". My friends on the other hand, went for the "City of Lights" and "4 Saisons". We shared three gigantic pots of tea between us. 

And then the sweet treats came in a three-tiered trays. As delectable as they looked, I could have just stared at them and took photos of them non-stop. They were prepared delicately and presented beautifully. If I can remember it right, we spent a good few minutes taking photos of them little treats and comparing  ourselves with professional food bloggers. 

The treats tasted very good although I didn't appreciate the chocolate mousse that much. But I guess I am  biased  because I generally don't like chocolate desserts.

All in all, I had a good High Tea experience at Loius Sergeant with my good friends. However, to me, it lacked that girly vintage experience that my friend Ei and I were expecting. We prefer the traditional high/afternoon tea with its intimate ambience, like Martha's Pantry for example. That's just us though.

And that was it.  Looking at the photos and reminiscing my high tea experience with my Welly friends instantly cured my homesickness.

I wonder when and where my first afternoon tea in London (after a few months) would be.

tintin x


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