I Wonder How Wellington Looks Like in December

My Welly friends have started posting their summer photos and I can't help but wonder how it's like to be in Wellington in December.  I was looking forward to spending at least the first two weeks of December over there but unfortunately, our circumstances changed drastically. Summer Christmas was ruled out even before we left because we were coming back to England for the holidays regardless, so two weeks would have been enough for me to get that "summer Christmas feel". The last time I spent Christmas in a warm place was in year 2000 and I sort of miss it. For now, all I can do is use my imagination and think of those things that I would probably see if I was in Wellington this time of the year.

Before we left, the flowers were already in bloom. The lilies, dahlias and the daisies at the zigzag walkway by the church were flourishing. I've always wished I could pick those flowers whenever I passed by but they are privately owned. They were so beautiful it was difficult not to stop and stare at them for a moment. We were also lucky to see some of the most amazing flowers in Botanical Garden. The first time we visited it was close to winter, so there were no flowers at all. I'm sure by now, the roses are in full bloom too.

Oriental bay, no doubt is flocked by beach lovers. I've always wanted to hang out by the beach with a book and perhaps an ice cream but somehow I didn't manage to do it. I used to just enjoy listening to the people's laughters and children screaming in glee from our balcony.

And then there are the sailboats.  I'm sure there are hundreds of them in the harbour this time of the year. Even those times when the weather was rough, I saw a few of them out there. It was always fascinating to watch those boats from our living room window. 

Ah, the diving platform along the waterfront. There are definitely more keen divers queueing up for a jump by now. 

Karaka Cafe will be full of life, with bean bags already out in the area overlooking the lagoon. 

Sunsets will perhaps be more dramatic.

Walkways will no longer be quiet.

The Te Papa Sunday Market will be twice as busy.

Tiptop will be on the top. 

The bucket fountain in Cuba Street will be surrounded by children and adults alike.  It's really amusing to watch the buckets rhythmically tip and then pour its water contents from one bucket to another. 

I know it's the festive season but when I imagine Wellington in December, I think of many outdoor activities we could possibly do because apparently, the weather is better. Besides, according to my Welly friends, Christmas in Wellington is not as big as it is in London or in the Philippines. 

I know one day, I'll be able to go back to Wellington and maybe I'll go in December to get the real experience. 



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